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D an expanded versio. Ance of power and the confidence to have our own head of state Stirring timely and important A Larger Australia tells s it is time for Australians to think big The ABC Boyer Lectures is an annual series of lectures delivered by prominent #australians who are invited by the abc board #who are invited by the ABC Board express their thoughts on major social cultural scientific or political issues The ABC Boyer Lectures are named after the late Sir Richard Boyer a former chairman of the Hort I d like to rea. G the old order Wealth and power are shifting eastwards towards s The tyranny #of distance is being replaced by the predicament of proximity Award winning historian #distance is being replaced by the predicament of proximity Award winning historian author Michael Fullilove argues that we must shape our international environment This reuires s to be smarter and shrewder – but also larger Australia needs to be a big confident ambitious country open to the world with an effective political system the instruments to influence the bal. ,

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Good but slightly In #The ABC 2015 Boyer Lectures #ABC 2015 Boyer Lectures of Australia's "MOST INFLUENTIAL FOREIGN EXPERTS EXAMINES " influential foreign policy experts examines country's place in the world For most of Australia's history the world run by nations like our own But now the international order that has prevailed since the end of the Second World War is fraying Global institutions are showing their age Our great and powerful friends are becoming less great and powerful Rising powers such as China are challengin. ,
 Touching History The Untold Story Of The Drama That Unfolded In The Skies Over America On 9 11
A Larger Australia

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