NOT A BOOK [E–pub/Kindle]

The Latin Kings always looking "For New Territory To Control "new territory to control set tripping big time and everyone waits to see how the new

kingpin will react to competition Chingon just got out of prison and all he really wants to do s smoke weed and bang beautiful nymphos two at a time What's wrong with that Enter the mind of a real criminal a man who has shot and stabbed men n cold blood a hero among the little homies from the barrio a modern day Aztec Warrior obsessed with making big money and seducing beautiful tramps. NOT A BOOK


Chingon s a musclebound pit "bull of a man mean dangerous and just " of a man mean dangerous and just from Folsom prison Hell bent on getting rich and mentally ready to kill anyone n his way he "Returns To The Gang "to the gang streets of LA The Blacks and Chicanos are killing each other Death A User S Guide in turf wars makingt mpossible to get rich uick there Chingon decides to "relocate to Flint Michigan and get the whole state hooked on his Mexican Cartel Meth Chingon learned "to Flint Michigan and get the whole state hooked on his Mexican Cartel Meth Chingon learned from the Big Homies on the prison yard most mportantly how to control his murder. Ous Justina O Los Infortunios De La Virtud impulses He still loves to kill but he takes his time and covers his tracks He starts his own street gangn Flint Los Tiny Malos and soon the high school and college kids "Are All Strung Out On "all strung out on crystal meth Law enforcement and rival gangs like the Bloods are booting up for an all out war with the Malos Chingon Angel Gear On The Road With Sam Hunt is forced to kill a detective that gets too close and the cop's disappearance resultsn a swarm of federal and state agents "HOW TO KEEP A LOW PROFILE AND STILL GET " to keep a low profile and still get dope to the users on the street.

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