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On of beaut. Echniue by the academic to create dramatically fresh images nature in its various forms and moods His later home in Giverny on the bank of the Seine later home in Giverny on the bank of the Seine Paris where he lived for three decades of his life became the focal point for some of the most celebrated of these works and includes the waterlilies se. A collecti. CLAUDE

MONET 1840 1926 Is 
1840 1926 is considered to be the central figure the development of the Impressionist Movement In A Career Spanning 70 Years Which movement In a career spanning 70 years during which produced many hundreds of paintings there can be found a number which are among the most famous in the history of modern European artMonet rejected the brushwork

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Ful picture. Ries known The NymphéasA Notable Feature Of NymphéasA notable feature of Work Was The Treatment was the treatment single subjects in xtended series such as Poplars and Grain Stacks as well as views of the façade of Rouen Cathedral seen in various stages as the light changed throughout the day His influence on painting in this century can hardly be over mphasize. .

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Monet (Treasures of Art)