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Should be rosy but Harold's drinking worsens and Mag's anger grows To make matters worse Harold's art attracts the attention of a large crowd of outsiders from as far away as Portland and Boise The locals resent the intrusion of these strangers Mag proves to be as good at growing plants as Harold is at fixing ngines but folks suspect her real profit comes from growing pot She tries to dispel the suspicion but the rumors persist specially when she makes friends with Sylvia a red wigged miniskirted sixty year old widow known for flaunting what the locals think is proper Sylvia and Mag build the poets' magic sanctuaries places of refuge hidden in the woods behind the Browns' house where they can share their poems WITHOUT FEAR OF CRITICISM WHEN HA. fear of criticism When Ha. share their poems without fear of criticism When Ha. In 1978 Harold and Magdalena Brown

And Their Young Son Sean 
their young son Sean to Halfway Oregon a small town in northeast Oregon cradled in the palm of the granite peaked Wallowa Mountains Magdalena wants to build a greenhouse and sell medicinal herbs while Harold wants his own auto mechanics business Joe Mobey owner of the town's only grocery store befriends the couple but thinks they don't have the skills to make it in such a rural area The Browns do make a go of it though for Harold is a superb mechanic and folks bring their vehicles to him despite their opinions on his drinking and the weird metal sculptures he scatters all over the hillside in front of his house mag builds her greenhouse and begins house Mag builds her greenhouse and begins her plants all over Oregon Life for the Browns. Rold's art crowd discovers them they become as big an attraction "as his sculptures As the sanctuaries grow in number and popularity the locals' concerns about them multiply Besides Sylvia the Browns "his sculptures As the sanctuaries grow in number and popularity the locals' concerns about them multiply Besides Sylvia the Browns only two other close friends their nearest neighbors sixty year old Whitey and his ninety year old mother Frieda Harold and Magdalena help them during calving season when Frieda gets sick and Whitey responds to their kindness with nduring loyalty Frieda revels in the freedom she finds hanging out in the poets' magic sanctuaries and begins a belated rebellion Magdalena and Joe take turns telling the story of the Browns' move to Halfway IN THE COURSE OF THE NARRATION the course of the narration must decide what is important and be brave nough to act on their decisions. ,

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The Poets Magic Sanctuaries