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This story very much but perhaps not uite as much as the other linked book 4 Stars Katya Petrova is a surgical nurse with MedSurg an aid group on missions to the war torn regions of the world Determined never to become motionally involved she thrived on the adrenaline charged nvironment Count Beneditto Medeci was Katya s only source of angst The playboy surgeon seemed to know just what buttons to push to get her rattled Katya captivated Ben No other woman treated him so openly with disdain and Ben found that intoxicatingly sexy When Ben receives some devastating news from home Katya gives Ben the comfort he sorely needs Ben leaves the mission to return to Italy and is surprised when katya calls him for is surprised when Katya calls him for job at his ritzy clinic She soon reveals that she is carrying his child and that she has no intentions of raising it Once the baby is born Ben will take the child This situation astounds the traditionalist in Ben and he proposes only to be coldly rejectedWe met both Ben and Katya in Ms Andrews The Surgeon s Meant To Be Bride It was lovely to meet them again Katya can t get past her tragic childhood one that convinces her that "she d be a horrible mother Ben has xperienced betrayal and has vowed never to love "d be a horrible mother Ben has Strangers Journey experienced betrayal and has vowed never to love Loving their unborn child is the link these two need to show them their destiny This is anmotional love story that touches your heart I like the layers Ms Andrews gives her characters their surfaces are so very different from what lies beneath And I like the way we see inside them how we get their thoughts and feel their fears Ms Andrews weaves wonderful love stories and I m agerly looking forward to catching up on her backlist Nurse Katya Petrova worked alongside Count and Doctor Benedetto Medici and on the night he discovered his brother had died he and Katya gave in to their attraction Several months later Katya has come to Italy to determine if she ll leave the baby she now carries in the care of its fatherwhether or not he is proper father material She doesn t feel like she can handle the responsibility of being a mother and is looking for the right thing to do Ben confuses Ionate night has no idea that she is pregnant From the moment he sees Katya again it is clear Benedetto wants to be a father to his child and he offers her marriage –. ,

Linked book First book The Sugeon s Meant To Be Bride 301931 from notebook and turned off the coast road 301931 from my notebook and turned off the coast road the Via Pasitea the main thoroughfare that meandered down through the maze of cliff face villas of Positano p18i love the word meander 25 30 Stars Oh Scribd why do you offer such awfully addictive material Seriously Harleuin is like cotton candy I know it s no good for me that it s just fluff but it s such a guilty pleasure Her sneering at the wealthy was a little irksome You can be both wealthy and compassionate the two are not mutually xclusiveAnd then she was a drama ueen so unnecessary like trying to run away when she wanted her baby Sigh I don t know if i m cynical but Harleuin should not be read by younger girls builds up seriously unrealistic Vietnam The Teenage Wasteland expectations All the angst I know that s the point of harleuin but guy seriously cammanUp until she got all irrational I like her backbone then again I guess it s the tough ones that fall the hardest or some such nonsense Every minute she spent in his presence was torture I can tven relate maybe I ve never been in love cos all the drama is above my headLike someone is horrible to you and your immediate thought is how can I still love him GIRL BYE And the crying GIVE ME PATIENCE LORDBut all in all not a bad read and wrapped up nicely with an Reed Smoot Apostle In Politics epilogue Theasy banter and xchanged barbs between Katya and Ben were hilarious and serious This is the linked book to The Surgeon s Meant to be Bride Katya and Ben are fellow Medical team membersKatya is carrying a lot of baggage from her impoverished childhood where she had to carry far too much responsibility So when she falls pregnant the night she spent comforting a grieving Ben she knows she can t take on the role of mother to this childBen is an Italian playboy a Count with a wealthy family and long lineage His upbringing was worlds away from Katya s but he had his own set of issues xacerbated by the death of his Just Hats Favorite Patterns To Knit And Crochet estranged brother and the guilt that came from the unhealed riftHow these two work out their future together is a journey of ups and downs with lots ofmotion I njoyed. Her secret baby bombshellNurse Katya Petrova believes her unborn baby really needs its father Only talented Italian surgeon Count Benedetto with whom she spent one pass. Er seductive and charming one minute *AND COLD AND RUTHLESS THE NEXT *cold and ruthless the next finally decides to confess to Ben and he insists on marriage but Katya won t do that to herself or her baby But unfortunately for Katya she and Ben do ventually resume their romance It s unfortunate because she realizes she s in love with him and leaving will be harder than And Weapons For All ever But when Katya discovers she cannot possibly leave her baby she realizes her options arever limitedstay and The Whale And The Supercomputer On The Northern Front Of Climate Change endure a loveless marriage or live apart from the man she loves while he s still a part of her life Overall a pretty good story I respect the hell out of the fact that Katya knew she didn t want to be a mother and was willing to look for solutions to her problem And the reality of the situation that was presented after she realized she changed her mind it s notasy You don t want to get married but you also don t want to cut the father out of the picture It really drove home the point that no matter what you re life is forever different because you are going to have a baby The author did an awesome job conveying the Multiple Staff Ministries emotional weight of this And while I didn t like how Katya or less freaked out and kept Ben on thedge of his seat waiting to find out if she was going to deny him his child and I didn t like that Ben used his wealth to threaten to sue for custody against Katya I can completely understand why both of them acted as they did Didn t like it but I understood it I also appreciated the fact that Ben went after Katya to apologize for his asshole behavior So Even Though I Feel even though I feel author did a lot of things right with the characters in this book and pretty much rocked the motional part there was something in the set up of this one maybe fact that Katya was a wealth snob or maybe that Ben was able to walk away from her the first yeah if she hadn t come after him and she HAD aborted he d never have known and they would never have had a second chance at a relationship and something about the tropes used here just don t appeal to me much That s why 3 stars I can recognize where the author did well but I still just didn t love it. For the baby’s sake But Katya soon realises that a convenient proposal isn’t nough She’s secretly longing for Ben to give her his heart as she has given him her. .

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The Italian Counts Baby
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