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Queens Can Beat Kings

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Ou'll get tips anecdotes and secrets from top women like Annie Duke Kathy Liebert and "secrets from top women players like Annie Duke Kathy Liebert and Tilly You'll also read about the fearless female players who paved the way for today's female super stars You'll even learn how to use your wiles to beat the Men What You Thought We Were Playing Fair Best Of what you thought we were playing fair Best of you'll see how truly fascinating and enjoyable the game of poker can be And that's ust about the sweetest prize there isHave fun beating the pants off your opponents See you at the poker table Susie Isaacs. ,
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F my poker playing Girlfriends Will Show You How In This BookPoker Can Be will show you how in this bookPoker can be lucrative I know I've been a professional tournament player for over fifteen years But the main reason to play is simple "Poker is fun Outfoxing and taking money from other players especially men is lots of fun And even if you don't "is fun Outfoxing and taking money from other players especially men is lots of fun And even if you don't your ante from your uncle this book can teach you how to play winning poker This complete guide shows you the way from kitchen table games to the tables at the WORLD SERIES OF POKER AND THE Series of Poker and the Poker Tour Many male players honestly think it takes testosterone to play "Poker That's A Good Thing You Can Show Off Your "That's a good thing You can show off your
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nails as stack their chips Susie IsaacsDear ReaderWomen have been playing poker since the game was born Sure they weren't always welcome at the table but that didn't stop free spirits like Poker Alice who supported seven children on her winnings back in the late 1800s So if you've been itching to learn how to play or how to play better nothing should stop you either And I along with many ,

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