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45 stars I really ENJOY JOHN MARTZ S WORK IT S VERY John Martz s It s very easy access but there s plenty of depth there as well perfect as books for young readers that they can return to and continue to enjoy and learn from I enjoyed the emotional warmth of a selfless uardian trying to keep Burt warm outside and within despite his vast disconnect with everything around him and the adorable art style but I was annoyed by the vague ending Heartbreaking heart mending A lovely all ages book with a tender conclusion that very nearly left me with a lump in my throat John Martz is so talented This book warms the cockles of my heart Oh Burt how I feel for you I also love the su. Burt's an orphan no regular orphan; an orphan of time and space after a cosmic accident left him stranded on earth or so he says Lydia is an older woman who has adopted. Burts Way HomeA and maybe some of Our Own As Well Burt own as well Burt stranded on earth or so he says Lydia is an older woman earth or so he says Lydia is an older woman adopts him Lydia isn t my mother Burt tells us My name isn t even Burt A sweet story from Koyama Press about home and belonging seeing things from different perspectives learning from each other For younger audiences though my tween kids liked it a lot Light and fun and sweet and it is surprisingly moving in the end for such a young story Unconditional interspecies loveOne of the five nominees for the 2017 Eisner Award for Early Readers up to 8 but the lump in my throat tells me it is for all agesHere s a place you can see some sample pages. Ed Tim and Other Stories was shortlisted for The Governor General's Literary Awards and was nominated for the Eisner Award for Best Publication for Early Readers up to age seven. Btle humor of the care Bercinta Di Bawah Bulan giver s practical thoughts alongside Burt s imaginative ones Brilliant book Aenuinely touching story of parenthood if your a rown up or a exciting tale a young hero space explorer If Your A ChildBoth Me your a childBoth me my young son loved this book but read it very differently I read it at my desk he read it sat in the kitchenYou should buy it John Martz is a master of cartooning Surprisingly charming for such a little book HmmmI Burt Really An Intergalactic Traveler an intergalactic traveler think that s the uestion you re supposed to be asking and Burt s Way Home doesn t ive you any answers It is a peek through a keyhole of the relationship between Burt and Lydi. Burt Together they tell a tale Of Home And Belonging From Two Different home and belonging from two different Martz is a cartoonist and illustrator in Toronto Ontario His most recent book A Cat Nam. ,

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