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Marcel Author Eda AkaltunStory Marcel definitely doesn t like ptown He doesn t Hope For Pulse understand what humans likeptown except perhaps the Museum Things are all fine and dandy ntil one day understand what humans like ptown except perhaps the Museum Things are all fine and dandy ntil one day s a new human in town This guy is taking p all of his owner s time She giggles and flirts with the new human taking p all of his owner s time She giggles and flirts

with the new 
the new doesn t seem to mind constantly bumping into him But Marcel minds And he minds even when they start hanging out a lot This new human also likes to hang out ptown a lot Marcel doesn t like change Marcel by Eda Akaltun is full of charm and grace What a treat this story is for those who love New York and get a chance to reminisce about the vibrant life the city offers through Marcel s eyes The tone is lovable and it speaks to societal love and infatuation with dogs One can t walk the sidewalk of our busy cosmopolitan cities without bumping into our furry friends Through Marcel we get a glimpse into their view of the worldhttpsukasareadsblogspotcom2016 I wouldn t read this in story time and the illustrations aren t my favorite However it is well done and I think other people will appreciate it Marcel is a dashing French bulldog in a striped sweater who loves everything about his home in NYC except for ptown that is His favorite place to go for a walk is downtown So when his person meets a new love interest fro. Like this new human isn't going anywhere Why couldn't everything stay as it was Why did things have to change Find out what happens between this Frenchie and the new human in his life in a story where change can be good and bring new adventures This touching picture book

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Won this book from GoodReads Such an adorable book about a cute dog who lives in NYC with his human Brings me back to The Secret Life of Pets movie Marcel is very happy with his human ntil she falls in love with a French Man His world has turned pside down But once he is taken to the only place he admires from afar he falls in love with the human s boyfriend and realizes life just got better Book leaves of with Marcel heading to the city of lights Paris Another favorite City that I hope to see in person This is a great book for young children Everyone from all ages will fall in love with the beautiful images I also want to say I love that the human wasn t created like a cartoon but a real image of a person It brought character to the book Thanks can t wait to see what Marcel S LIFE WILL BE IN PARIS NEW YORK THROUGH life will be in Paris New York through eyes of a French bulldog What could be enticing than that Marcel is a posh little dog who lives in Manhattan with his owner He loves exploring all things New York with her And he sure is a true New Yorker strutting through New York with the human stopping by mouth watering bagel joints enjoying a pampering day at the fru fru dog spa and swinging by the park to listen to some soothing jazz Marcel just loves life in downtown New York CityUptown seems to be ite another. Marcel a French Bulldog is a New Yorker through and through he and his human know the best spots especially in downtown Manhattan But when a new human suddenly enters their lives at Central Park they're spending all their time in ptown Everything is changing and it looks.
 The Secret
M ptown Marcel is not happy that this new man has invaded his life and might even send him away from the city he loves Adorable story with charming Marcel is a French Bulldog living in NYC with his woman owner He calls his owner my human Marcel and his human go to many wonderful places in NYC except the museum One day his human runs into a French man while on
a job and 
job and s life ickly changes The owner begins to spend a lot of time with the French man and Marcel does not like the change Finally the man takes Marcel to the museum and Marcel decides change isn t always a bad thing The book had wonderful illustrations I enjoyed the modern art look of the illustrations combining black and white images with color illustrations The book truly was a work of art I read some of the other reviews and agree with the criticism about the book being a children s book but not having any children in it I think because of the lack of children the book could be enjoyed by adults or children I would like to see a seuel with Marcel getting sed to a new baby I think that would be funOverall I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading it to my son I recommend this book to dog lovers and people who enjoy art I was given this book through a goodread giveaway in exchange for an honest re. S a nice way to help a child goodread giveaway in exchange for an honest re. S a nice way to help a child a parent's new partner or spouseEda Akaltun is a New York–based illustrator and printmaker from Istanbul Prior to her work with Flying Eye her illustrations can be found in the Nobrow magazine of which she is a founding contributor. ,