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Of a new art socialist laid the foundations of the young Soviet Literature In The Early Of The Last the early years of last Gorky came under the influence of Anton Chekhov and through him established contact with Konstantin Stanislavsky and Vladimir Nemirovish Danchenko the leading figures of the Moscow Art Theatre; for this theatre he wrote his plays Philistines and The Lower Depths The Lower Depths made a triumphant tour of many European countries and brought the writer world fa. Culture and the PeopleThis collection contains the last essays of Gorky which are related centrally to the theme stated are related centrally to the theme stated the title of this book culture and the people It is a representative selection from the voluminous and the people It is a representative selection from the voluminous efforts in which the author was Engaged During The Last Ten Years Of during the last ten years of life Together with his bookfull of articles On Guard for the Soviet Union the present volume reveals a side of Gorky's writing as necessary to an understanding of his work as his novels stories autobiograp. ,
Hical volumes and plays Some The Contributions Are "the contributions are slashing many were written under the Pressure Of Daily Journalism Appearing In Numerous Periodicals Including The of daily journalism appearing in numerous periodicals including the Soviet papers Pravda and Izvestia; all of them reflect the vigor and depth of Gorky's literary talent Maxim Gorky Alexei Maximovich Peshkov 1868 1936 was one of the greatest Russian writers He inherited the best traditions of 19 century classical Russian literature and was at the same time the creator.