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The Living Room of the DeadI think the style is only mundane but the atmosphere is fascinatingand many fine details

drink slang This book is based on a true story It is based in Hong Kong and delves into the world of sex trade and slavery The main characters are xpatriates Very nlightening I chose this book to read primarily as it featured Macau I lived there a short while ago and was looking foward to the journey of being back there via print The violence didn t really affect me too much as I thought it was part and parcel of the which was Very Interesing What Did Upset interesing What did was the single use of a certain word which I find offensive nevertheless I finished reading and carried on as I was njoying it up until that point Sadly though I was also not too taken by the nding I m getting a late start on Eric Stone s Ray Sharp series but I m glad to finally be on board This is the first of what are currently four novels about an American journalist living in Hong Kong and freuenting Macau I like novels with foreign settings because for the time I m reading I can teleportIn this case I visited not only new locales but a new lifestyle altogether See Ray Sharp hangs with a lot of hookers As one might imagine this mbroils him in trouble than he set out for and provides a crisp backdrop for a gripping thriller Stone s writing style is A Blind Goddess engaging I likedxperiencing this adventure while looking through Ray Sharp s lens on the worldThe sad part of the book is that it is based on real The Pet Thief events involving the mafia slavery and the sex trade in Asia Time spent reading is always time well spent but I do appreciate a tight novel that is able to bothntertain and raise awareness Recommended for thriller fans and those who like their reads a little on the darker side I ll be back for Ray Sharp I didn t like this book at all I felt the prose. Falling in love has conseuences there's nothing new about that But when an lite Brit falls for a Russian prostitute and wants to get her away from her pimp in Macau and marry her those conseuences become deadlyJournalist Ray Sharp doesn't need someone lse's troubles but when his colleague pleads for help his conscience won't let him say no Irst place never uestions the xploitation uestions just how willing these women are to be doing what they are Ray simply likes sex with whores who aren t allowed to challenge a customer like him in any way Prostitutes are so glamorized in this book almost very single one of them is beautiful to Ray probably because he s an underdeveloped character who can t handle a relationship with a fully realized woman I m not a prude the S M didn t bother me What bothered me was things such as that the writer actually thought that the character of a woman who made bondage videos who was ventually sold into slavery and then raped and tortured to near death would recover from the xperience in a few days nough to want to a few days nough to want to sex with the protagonist as a means of getting control back into her life That s simply not realistic the last thing a woman who went through such an Life experience would do to regain control over her life would be is to have sex with yet another strangerven if he did rescue her Everyone knows men think with their dicks but haven t men caught on yet to the fact that women don t think with their vaginas This author certainly hasn t What bothered me was the lack of thought in this book from the superficial treatment of sexual slavery to the factual based description of Macau and the other places Ray travels to Factual description does NOT make for atmosphere The book doesn t feel other places Ray travels to Factual description does NOT make for atmosphere The book doesn t feel to Macau I thought this book was dumb and hope one day the author comes across a copy of Somaly Mam s memoir maybe that might open his yes to the reality of the lives Of Women Either Forced women ither forced Great Ghost Stories economic circumstance or sold into sexual slavery Very gritty novel about a journalist based in the Hong Kong area has been asked to intervene in a romance between a Brit and a prostitute on contract with a very bad Russian mobster. Ilieu of the decadentx pat life in Hong Kong and Macau at a dizzyingly dramatic time These cities are about to fall back under Chinese rule Fearful people grab for whatever they can get The air itself reeks of sex money and power Here the only thing a person can count on is what's inside himself For Ray ven that is something to wrestle with. .
Was simplistic and the treatment of the subject matter uite superficial Ray Sharp a journalist living and working in Hong Kong is asked by a colleague to help him reason with the colleague s brother a wealthy Englishman who s fallen in love with a Russian prostitute in Macau The colleague wants his brother to dump the girl and return to the family Ray goes to Macau to avail himself of the whores there very chance he gets so I could see why the Englishman s brother asked for Ray s help what I never got was why Ray agreed to do so Maybe it s because Ray himself is in love with another whore from Russia who now lives and works in Indonesia It s a strange kind of love though because there doesn t seem to be much of a relationship other than a few phone calls between them throughout the book Ray who s always tired but never seems to connect his incredibly high consumption of alcohol and the resultant hangovers to his Downsizing The News Network Cutbacks In The Nation S Capital exhaustion forms another one of his distinctly shallow relationships with another Russian prostitute in order to try to find a way to get to the violent pimp who controls the whore the Englishman is in love with Of course he and this woman who s helping him form what Ray considers a great friendshipven though it s rooted in sex for which he pays her it s a good three uarters into the book before Ray starts to wonder if in fact all these whores he s involved with genuinely like him or if his money has something to do with it When his friend disappears thanks to all the uestions she and Ray have been asking Ray goes on a tour of the most violent and disgusting whorehouses in Macau And Nearby China Looking For Her and nearby China looking for her is absolutely no doubt but that such hideous places Deadly Obsession exist where women are kept in sexual slavery tortured andven killed but Ray never really struggles with the morality of prostition in the Hat seems like a simple favor A Fair Fight entangles Ray in a maze of horror and violence that leads from the glittery nightclubs and sleazy brothels of Macau to a chamber of horrors on an island in the South China Sea and finally to Russia's Mafia infested Pacific seaport of VladivostokBased on a true story The Living Room of the Dead takes place in the