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Digby Takes Charge gTo mock foes is that not the sweetest mockery Athena s cruel words leave Odysseus hesitant in the opening scene of Ajax one of Sophocles most intense and dramatic plays The powerful Goddess has made the Greek hero Ajax lose his mind and fight herds of cattle instead of men in his delusion To make his shame perfect she wants Odysseus to see his disgrace When Odysseus refuses she mocks him asking provocatively if he is afraid of a madman And the clever Odysseus answers without hesitation this time Had he been sane no fear had made me shrink That is a striking thought and essentially true A Greek hero however powerful and angry however dangerous to fight is a known entity to Odysseus as long as the enemy is sane and uses the same rules to judge a situation as he would himself A hero with the same physical power but deprived of vital mental capacities is a scarily uncertain threat that can not be faced with regular methodsAthena wants to show off her power to punish humans so she forces Odysseus to watch Ajax in all his boastful delusion He is left reflective I know none nobler and I pity him In his misery albeit he is my foe Since he is yoked fast to an evil doom My own lot I regard no less than his For I see well nought else are we but mere Phantoms all we that live mere fleeting shadows Ajax misery is not over yet however The worst possible conclusion has yet to come he will see his own madness and despair of life For as long as he stays in his delusion others might pity him but he is triumphant Only with the sane eyes of his society he will know his own downfall The effect is terrifying Nobly to live or else nobly to die Befits proud birth There is no to say The following scenes in Ajax have always fascinated me as they juxtapose different values and ideals in society Ajax argues for the necessity to live and die like a hero following the credo of Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori and his wife Tecmessa counterbalances the heroic ideal with the duties of a father and husband the long term effects of his commitment to a family and his responsibilities on earth The arguments are not put forward in a dialogue as the two concepts are not compatible and despite Tecmessa s elouent solilouy for family and future Ajax opts for the heroic exit and opens up for a new discussion in Greek style does he deserve a proper burial Ajax leaves me with a chilling feeling a bitter taste of knowing that human beings are fragile delusional obsessed with matters of superficial honour and fame and that they are willing to sacrifice everything they have built up for themselves to make a mark on history to stand out in the crowdWhat for Why carry the heroic ideals fromeneration to eneration from culture to culture never stopping to think of the future that will come if we do not end the eternal circle of violence based on pride and delusionAfter the first world war a eternal circle of violence based on pride and delusionAfter the first world war a of poets challenged the ancient idea of military lory but The Poems Of Wilfred Owen have not been able to convince the majority of humanity of the vanity and waste of nationalism patriotism militarism and exclusive club or tribe behaviourCarol Ann Duffy once wrote a Wilfred Owen poem backwards and made the soldiers reject the heroic ideal and o home Last Post What a powerful message for everyday life with its pleasure in small things But it does not "look like we have lost the tribal honour codes in world "like we lost the tribal honour codes in the world the voices raised against them ever since Sophocles made Tecmessa speak up for responsibility and life The Ajaxes of this world are still concerned with their own reputation and fame than with real solutions for the futureAnd women and children are still often than not the victims of this mindset this series The Greek Tragedy in New Translations pairs scholars poets for bangin translations of plays by aeschylus euripides sophocles etc the editors foreword itself ot me pretty psyched these The Black Widows guys seem to be really hardcore about their convictions regarding uality translations i m totallyoing to check out some othersthat said in this translation pevear steps down from bein all scholarly like lets herbert The Making Of Tomorrow Never Dies golder do that work omg does he ever it s funny because i only picked this out because of pevearolder s contributions are what really Drawing Blood got me i don t even want to say anything about the play cuz hg s so sexy it makes me feel a little dumb in a way i just might like mmmbut ANYWAY iuess i have to read the iliad now which is WAY LAME cuz i Agama Krisis Kemanusiaan Modern gots stuff to do world i think i like sophocles better than aeschylus tho i should probably read before i make these decisions still a toss up between sophocles euripidesi leave you w this magic from the end s epic shit talking sessionMENELAOSI saw a man once whose bold talkhad pressed a ship s crew to set sailin winter A storm broke the wavespiled higher and higher and hegrew uieter and uieter huddledin the stern under his cloak The sailorsstepped on him in the confusionand he said nothing at allSo if areat storm blows upfrom a small cloud it may silenceyour big voice in the same wayTEUKROSI too saw a man once fullof his own stupidity who insultedhis neighbors in their riefSomeone who looked like me and was like me in temper warned himMan do not outrage the deadIf you do it will be your own ruinSo the fool was told to his faceI can still see him now I thinkhe s none other than you MenelaosAm I talking in riddlesOH SNAP Ajax s story left an impression after the first time I heard about it It was sometime after my early attempts of trying to read Homer s The Iliad Ajax is one of the heroes fighting on the Greek side today like many othe. Šī ir viena no septiņām mūsu laikus sasniegušajām Sofokla traģēdijām domājams vecākā no tā. Αἴας

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N in minutes However we note that with the exception of Odysseus there is absolutely no sympathy for Ajax from any of the other commanders As far as they are concerned he has betrayed them and his people Ajax sees himself having no friends the Trojans hate him and the Greeks hate him and despite his mother and brother loving him his uilt pervades him to the point that he has no choice but to fall onto his sword Now as I read through the English translation with the Greek being on the opposite page I noticed Ajax s illness being mentioned numerous times I flicked my eyes over to the Greek located the word and indeed the word is Greek for illness The play clearly demonstrates a recognition of mental illness being a legitimate sickness and this was 2500 years before Freud Further as we look into other Greek literature particularly Plato we discover that there were systems in place that were designed to assist people suffering from mental illness this being called the Therapy of the Soul It appears that not only did the Greeks recognise mental illness but also recognised the need and a system in an attempt to cure it However if we consider this play and Heracles we notice that the Greeks seemed to believe that the origin of mental illness was divine This is not necessarily limited to the Greeks though since we see episodes of psychosis in the Bible and a recognition that demonic forces can be behind it The main incident that I refer to is the story of Legion where a man was banished to the wastelands because he was possessed by a legion of demons and Jesus comes along cures him and casts the demons into a herd of pigs In Greek tragedy mental illness comes about from the Warriors Super Edition Tallstar S Revenge gods fogging the mind of the victim Athena fogs Ajax s mind in an attempt to prevent him from killing Odysseus and Madness descends upon Herakles since he had completed his tasks and the prohibition from harming him had been lifted This is why I love to study the ancients It is not because of my love of antiuity but because it is clear that they were much intelligent and switched on than weive them credit for In Shakespeare s time while there was a recognition of mental illness King Lear suffers from a Major Depressive Disorder while Hamlet shows elements of psychosis despite the fact that he is faking it However it is accepted and unchangeable We see no attempt by Shakespeare to attempt to address it though there are elements looking at their underlying causes However we cannot forget that with the exception of King Lear the other madnesses that come to mind Titus Andronicus and Hamlet the madness is fakedI recently saw a performance of this play where it was set in modern day Ira My thoughts on this production can be found on my blog Ajax RARRRR kills lots of sheepAjax Ajax feels much shame i should kill myselfTecmessa don t do it hoe Teucer don t do it bro Ajax kills self anywayTecmessa Teucer well reat now our lives are f d Menelaus trololol hope the birds eat anywayTecmessa Teucer well reat now our lives are f d Menelaus trololol hope the birds eat face Odysseus Captain Sternn Running Out Of Time guys maybe we shouldn t be jerks Agamemnon fine whatevs Ajaxets buried Being my first encounter with Greek tragedy I wondered how Sophocles would approach the life of jax whom readers know from the Iliad and Greek mythology in Sex Sin Brooklyn general Well he does so by centering in the lonesome end of thereat Greek hero and the aftermaths of madness Sophocles reduces the scope of the legend to focus on the darkness of being faced with one s own fate jax is lost in the madness of his fury whether he kills his comrades in arms or the cattle is unimportant for modern readers It is the realisation of his actions after the intoxication of fury what bring him down jax sees how the walls close around him as he becomes an outcast for his actions Sophocles portrays such state of loneliness with reat mastery jax last words are a treasure for literature First of all Aias the title in my edition is Ajax Big Ajax the hero of the Trojan War There I saved you from who the fuck *Even Is This Guy Ajax *is this uy Ajax a big role in The Iliad At one point he defends the Achaean fleet from the Trojans single handedly while Achilles is off sulking But after the war Achilles s armor which amounts to the Heisman Trophy of the war is Untitled 2 given to wily Odysseus after his speech about it proves elouent Ajax is so pissed off that heoes on a murderous rampage against what turns out to be a flock of sheep Fuckin Athena always etting up in your head he thought he was killing Agamemnon and Odysseus Humiliated he kills himself The play is about what happens if the person who deserves the win doesn t et it What if you feel you clearly earned leadership but it s stolen by the other Selby S Stardom guy Do youo on a murderous rampage Do you burn it all downThis review is also here with a bunch of other Sophocles stuff Yet I feel his wretchedness My enemy yes but caught up in a terrible doom My doom too I see that now All we who live live as hosts of ourselves Shadows in passing Thus speaks Odysseus with regard to Aias who has in a blind and "Savage Spell Of Madness Inspired By Athena Slaughtered His Fellow "spell of madness inspired by Athena slaughtered his fellow s spoils of war cattle sheep etc while thinking that he was actually taking revenge on Menelaus and Agamemnon after they had corruptly awarded the fallen Achilles armor to Odysseus instead of to him to Aias the superior warrior The play opens with this event which has dishonored Aias and drives him to suicide once he becomes aware of what he has done The action then centers on whether or not Aias should be buried The play has some excellent dialogue and the themes of revenge friendship and the extent to which animosity may be pursued were especially intriguin. Raģēdiju no sengrieķu valodas tulkojis un komentējis Ābrams Feldhūns Māras Rikmanes ilustrācijas. R heroes in this story he is pretty much forgotten as the focus is on Achilles and Hector However as I continued to read different translations of The Iliad his story stayed with me For me this was just another thing that convinced me this epic poem is anti warview spoilerAjax has to compete with the smooth orator Odysseus to win Achilles s armour Not competent in speech he loses The situation is ridiculous as the armour should be his humiliated and feeling unappreciated his maddening rage ets the better of him To save what honor he has left he commits suicide hide spoiler Sophocles wrote a few plays centered around war and Odysseus this is probably one of the most famous out of them as well as the best written of them all Ajax focuses on the title character who is a revered warrior whom many people may remember from Homer s Iliad However this particular story centers mainly around the downfall of the hero whose warlike nature drives him to almost kill his friends his Scandals And Secrets guilt is what reallyets him in the end Ajax himself is not necessarily a bad man but he is so used to his violent lifestyle that his animalistic side tends to take over When he nearly kills his friends the Less Crime For Bonnie goddess Athena makes him kill sheep and cows instead When Ajax discovers that he almost committed a terrible crime he feelsuilty to the point that he commits suicide In this character the reader can see a true tragedy in that Ajax is not a bad person other than the fact that he lives a warrior s lifestyleI also have found that there is a connection to Antigone present in that once Ajax is dead there is a huge debate about whether his corpse will be left for seabirds and dogs to devour or if he will be iven a proper burial In fact the majority of this relatively small play centers around this issue What I find particularly interesting about this play is that Ajax s eventual suicide is actually presented to the reader directly as an action Although a lot of people would not consider this to be very important I think it makes this play different simply because a lot of Greek dramas don t show suicides rather they have a spectator of the suicide come on stage and tell the other characters about the suicide I m not sure why this is maybe the Greek were super seamish about violence in plays But in a historical context this difference makes Ajax interesting Lastly I ll finish this review off with a uote that stuck out to meMENELAUS Is it right that this my murderer should have honourTEUCER Murderer A marvel truly if though slainthou livest It is impossible to dislike such a masterpiece The jax s tragedy is basically about the pride of a powerfull warrior who seeks victory without the Gods help and infuriate them because of his behaviour His disgrace is the disgrace of all his family and his men as we can see in their lament and his salvation but only to himselfis HIS DEATH WHAT I LIKE THE MOST IN THIS death What I like the most in this is about Ajax s sense of pride who refuses to bend in whatever situat Psychosis and the Trojan War20 March 2012 On the 9th of March 2012 an American patrol was travelling through Afghanistan when their vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb Of the occupants two were severely injured I believe they lost limbs Two days later on the 11th March 2012 one of the "soldiers that had escaped injury took up an assault rifle left the "that had escaped injury took up an assault rifle left the and proceeded to slaughter 16 Afghani civilians from two villages This event hit THE MEDIA LIKE A STORM AND media like a storm and of the writing of this commentary the soldier is up on charges and has made the statement that he cannot remember anything of the incident itself The uestion that you may be asking is what has this ot to do with a play written 2500 years ago My answer is uite a lot actually In fact this recent incident in Afghanistan is almost identical to the plot of the Ajax with the exception that the soldier did not kill himself whereas Ajax did When I first picked up this book last night I was thinking that I would just read this play which I uite like and comment on it like I have been doing with the other Greek plays that I have read recently However my mind had already been triggered by some books that I have ordered from the US that discuss mental illnesses particularly PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that appeared in Ancient Greek literature A friend of mine at work has read one of them and speaks very highly of the scholarship that is involved in it Another book that I have picked up deals with PTSD as it appears in Heracles by Euripides However I have noticed that there seems to be a lack of literature relating to a similar condition arising in the Ajax The story of Ajax is that Ajax is a commander in the Trojan War and after Paris killed Achilles there was a competition over who would The Church Reform Of Peter The Great get armour Odysseus won However it turns out that Odysseus surprise surprise cheated and that Ajax should haveot the armour instead Ajax then descends into a fit of madness and begins to slaughter the Greeks cattle believing them to be the Greeks themselves Upon discovering the truth he descends into depression and finishes off by killing himself There is to the play than that particularly when Odysseus then steps up afterwards and defends Ajax s honour against Menelaus and Agamemnon The events of the play show elements of psychosis and major depressive disorder leading to suicidal ideation you can tell I work in personal injury The depressive elements are very clear particularly when it is Ajax s honour that has been destroyed As the saying Europe And The Asia Pacific Esrc Pacific Asia Programme Series goes it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a moment to destroy it Ajax s fit of madness destroyed his reputatio. M Ajants Salamīnas ķēniņa Telamona dēls pie Trojas irrieķu varenākais karotājs pēc Ahilleja