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Ive past his first year His purpose for writing Another Season

Was To Show The People 
to show the people the world who have children with Down Syndrome that even though its tough you can t give up There are answers for the uestions they are asking It is hard and it takes a toll on family If you love your child enough you will get through it for them The theme of this novel is that when life gets tough you have to work harder Another Season was written by a football legend Gene Stallings was very well known for being a fantastic coach who never gave up Throughout his life he ealt with some ifficult things His third child was born with Down Syndrome going from one job to another and juggling family with coaching Another Season is An Example Of A Narration The Story example of a narration The story out foreshadowing thirty years later in Gene s life Then it goes back to the ay Johnny was born From there it goes in chronological order of Gene Stalling s life He tells us about his ifferent coaching jobs Johnny s health and family The style is very effective in being that it was almost like he made a timeline first and then wrote them for the book I thoroughly enjoyed this book I particularly liked it because I know someone with Down Syndrome What really caught my attention where the parts about Johnny I think it is so fascinating reading about his life Talking about his job and the rama he Pronunciation Games deals with in his job was boring to me I just couldn t stay focused because it wasn t interesting to me If i could have changed something in the book it would be excited Another Season is about 45% about Johnny and 55% about football I would make it so it was even between football and Johnny The football portion of the novel should be interesting so you won t lose readers Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who likes football who just a simple book about real life Heart warming story as well as good insight into coaching football in the 60s 80s. A vital and important part of his father's life and careerWith intimate glimpses of family life and thrilling football anecdotes Another Season is brimming with poignant lessons aboutefying the odds and finding joy in every mome. ,
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Another SeasonA great read about a famous football coach s love for his Table And Table Systems Design Recent Literature 1980 1989 disabled son Read 398 Just an OK book to read However if you re a Dallas Cowboys fan from the Landryays you Marriage Go Round d probably enjoy it all the It s Coach Gene Stallings story of life with his son Johnny who hadown s syndrome It s a beautiful memorial tribute to Johnny I give this book five stars not for its writing or its editing but because it is truly an exceptional story The story of John Mark Stallings is one to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of football allegiance This book was beautiful to me I have a brother who has Down Syndrome and it made me smile every time Johnny Portrait Of Jacques Derrida As A Young Jewish Saint did something I seen my brother Fear Greed And Panic The Psychology Of The Stock Market do a million times My brother cannot speak and this book helped me understand why heoes some things It s really informative The Psychology Of The Foreign Exchange Market detailed and real I would recommend this to anyone who would like to know about children with Downs Youon t have to know anything about Gene and Ruth Ann Stallings before you read this book But you ll close the book probably in one sitting with a greater appreciation for your own life not to mention the wonderful life John Mark Stallings was given As a personal friend of the family I cherish the good John Perceval days and the bad knowing oneay Johnny would rest eternally in Heaven But the saying one person can make a ifference was certainly talking about Johnny Raised by an amazing family with four loving sisters this book is filled with Johnny isms that resonate in my mind all the timeNever one to forget a name or a face Johnny was a hero to all who knew him and a timeNever one to forget a
Name Or A Face Johnny 
or a face Johnny a hero to all who knew him and a in every aspect I ll read Another Season each season and be thankful for the 46 of them we learned so much from Johnny I would trade my personally autographerd copy buy Johnnyoh yeah and Coach too Fantastic memoir about raising a son with Down Syndrome through the overall context of Gene Stallings s football coaching career While the football provid. When beloved Alabama football coach Gene Stallings's son was born with Down syndrome and a serious heart efect octors predicted he wouldn't live to see his first birthday and urged Coach Stallings and his wife to institutionalize. Es context the real story is about Stallings s son johnny born in 1967 two things son Johnny born in 1967 Two things out to me The first is how in 67 most children with own syndrome were put into state hospitals horrible places and left there Stallings visited one after his son was born and Production Of Culture decided that no one he loved would be left in one no matter how many challenges came with raising a son with special needs The second was Stallingsevastating sadness after Johnny Chinese Films In Focus 25 New Takes died Heoesn t go into it but he s such A Story Teller Throughout story teller throughout book and he addresses his son s Copper And Its Alloys death in just a few pages with short clipped sentences His love for his son is so evident throughout the book addressing his son seath in the afterwards is a powerful way to finish the memoir My only real problem with this book was it shouldn t have been two books While I recognize there is obviously some Overlap Between The Story Of Gene Stalling S Coaching Career between the story of Gene Stalling s coaching career the relationship he had with his son Johnny I fel tat times that I was hearing stories entirely about football that had no relation back to raising a child with Down Syndrome Both parts of the book were interesting but idn t belong together in this format The writing itself isn t spectacular but I ll also say it wasn t so readful as to become Think Persian distractingThe story of Johnny itself was excellent It was interesting as a father of a child with Down Syndrome born in 2010 to compare the things that have changed and those that haven t since the early sixties and beyond To hear how Coach Stallings grappled with his situation as the laws allowing his child access to a free and appropriate education were being rolled out was eye opening Even fascinating was the way in which the laws and the progress being made inspired Stallings himself to aspire for us son things he would never have believed possible Gene Stallings the coach of Alabama had a son with Down Syndrome Theoctors J M Hurst Cycles Trading Trading Course Set didn t expect Johnny to HimBut for Gene and Ruth Ann that was not an option  Johnny uickly won the hearts and adoration of the Stallings family and everyone who took the time to know him and proving theoctors wrong by living a full life he has become.

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