[E–pub] (Hibi by Masahisa Fukase) author Masahisa Fukase

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Hibi by Masahisa FukaseHibi literally comprises a series of street hotographs by renowned Japanese hotographer Masahisa Fukase Each of the black and white images ainstakingly attend to the road’s surface – the worn road markings the fading lines and arrows eroded by the city’s innumerable inhabitants a web of fissures in the In 1992 Fukase No Promise Of The Kind printed andainted the works a solo exhibition 'Private Scenes ‘92' held at Nikon Salon In Tokyo He Salon in Tokyo He a set of bromide rints with fluid drawings in coloured inks and on every image the hysical resence of the artist is traced a shado.

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W resence which seems to offer a reading an interpretation but one that can never be fully resolvedMasahisa Fukase was born in the town of Bifuka in Nakagawa District Hokkaido in 1934 He in the town of Bifuka in Nakagawa District Hokkaido in 1934 He from the Nihon University College of Art’s Photography Department in 1956 Fukase became a freelance hotographer in 1968 after working at the Nippon Design Center and Kawade Shobo Shinsha PublishersHis major collections include Yugi English Homo Ludence Chuokoronsha 1971 Yoko Asahi Sonorama 1978 and Karasu English Ravens Sokyusha 1986 English Ravens Sokyusha 1986 major group exhibitions include “New Japanese Photo.
 Coping With Infuriating Mean Critical People The Destructive Narcissistic Pattern
Graphy” New York MoMA 1974 “black sun the eyes four” oxford museum Sun The Eyes of Four” Museum Modern Art 1985 “By Night” Fondation Cartier All The Little Moments pour l’Art Contemporain 1996 and “OUT OF JAPAN” Victoria and Albert Museum 2002 Fukase has also held countless other solo exhibitions He is also the winner ofrizes such as the 2nd Ina Nobuo Award in 1976 for his exhibition “Karasu” as well as the Special Award at the 8th Higashikawa Photography Awards In 1992 Fukase Tragically in 1992 Fukase tragically down a set of stairs in 1992 and suffered a traumatic brain injury from which he never recovered; he Biglietto Di Andata E Ritorno Narrativa Mediterranea passed away in 2012.