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Chosen By Darkness (A Ravana Clan Vampire Serial Book 5)


Good ob developing the characters and their personalities that you ust become invested in them immediately Such a good story of new friendship and loyalty and the first flickers of love and respect between Ariana Connor Nicolai Christian and Stephan I am so excited to read the next part of this eerie and see what happens with the Ravanas and Ariana and the vamp politics Slow burn and a saveThe tone has changed in this novella The guys are being less cautious and much open Then again relief may have something to do with that More insight into the issue the Council faced was given and why the desperate woman made the decisions she did The disassociation between "what the council seems and is is confusing "the Council seems and is is confusing are still unanswered uestions I really want answers to The Ravana parents are confusing too These novellas are so short that Ravana parents are confusing too These novellas are so short that don t give a lot of room for explanations The story line is intriguing and I wish there was ust a little background The guys feel barely fleshed out as characters They have a presence but as individuals they don t come off as persons Sort of of an Amalgamation That Has 4 Names that has 4 names no real distinction otherwise Review of 1 5 in my book 1 revie. Al serial in Chosen By Darkness A Ravana Clan Vampire Novel Stay tuned for Into the Darknes. .

E I really liked this series of books and decided to only do "A Review When I "review when I to the end of the series I like how the author went with the blossoming of their relationship and that it has a story line cause a lot of reverse harem that I have read were mainly centered around sex and this one didn t have any but I still enjoyed it the one thing I mainly didn t like that the author did was putting these books into a series I personally think it would have done better ust being one book that it would have done better ust being one book but that my opinion If you liked this series don t worry about it stopping there it seems MissMoore has plans on continuing this series with another series that is a continuation of Ariana s story which is going to be called Into the Darkness so make sure to keep an eye out for it I know I will be Didn t want it to end Loved the Ravanas and Ri New readI picked up this series after seeing e m Moore post on facebook Glad I did although each book is short and easy to read Ariana and her four princes bring a new view to the vampire genre Looking forward to reading some x Great intense conclusion to the first seriesThis was a great book and series I love all the characters EM Does such Thing I care about is my princes Whatever happens they have to remain safe This is the fin. Great endingThe endingfor nowwas great I really enjoyed the drama and passion between Ri and all four guys I can t wait to see if the story continues What a crazy ride this first part of the serial has taken us on I loved every second of it and I m so glad they came out as uickly as they did Can t wait for the next installment Wonderful I was so sad when I saw the end but was uickly relieved to see the story continues I am enjoying Ariana s story and getting to know the 4 sexy princes Five glittery stars I had such high hopes for this serial Unfortunately it ended up ust being not for me The I read the disappointed I got with the Insta love not really any relationship building it s all push me away and I understand than take me back However they virtually dont know anything about the other Sigh this is a hard review to write The ending of this book was almost ridiculous so sorry to the author I continued to read this serial in hopes that it would improve However in my eyes it did not I feel as though the characters were hardly characters I read them all in a row "as well without having to wait in between It never actually built
#or went anywhere #
went anywhere without having to wait in between It never actually built or went anywhere completely flatlined for I'm scared and alone again What will happen when they come for me I don't know but the only.