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Given his skill with words in capturing even the sleepless nights when he stays at a patient s bedside carefully watching a lung transplant surgical recovery in those all important minutes and hours that will determine the outcome We are drawn into those scenes feeling the emotions of watchful hours with the family and doctor which is what makes this such a powerful readThose years of leading a successful national lung transplant program led to stressful family challenges "Forcing Hard Decisions To Finally Leave The Program Finding Himself "hard decisions to finally leave the program Finding himself rededicating to his loving family he eventually finds new meaning in life in forming a consulting practice using those years of experience to now help other transplant programs overcome their own challenges From his years of experience and this new perspective he shares insightful views of the transplant world including hospital as a business the impact of the insurance companies on daily practice as well as the team dynamics that come in this high pressure environment of strong personalitiesI join with physicians patients and their familycaregivers in endorsing Dr Weill s writing as an uplifting hopeful and forward looking story a ift for anyone engaged in the transplant experience. D weaknesses powerful attributes and profound flaws  Exhale is an inside look at the world of high stakes medicine complete with the decisions that are confronted the mistakes that are made and the story of a transplant doctor’s slow recognition that he needed to step #away from the front lines This book is an exploration of holding on too tight of losing one’s #from the front lines This book is an exploration of holding on too tight of losing one’s and of the power of another kind of decision to leave behind everything for a fresh star. .
R thankfully stories well balanced between successful and sorry filled outcomes But behind all the daily patient narratives is a second even compelling life journey that of the physician trying to find balance in his personal career and family life compounded by a busy stressful practice and 24 by 7 daily dedication to supporting and saving those lives In Dr Weill s book the reader is invited behind the scenes even to the point of breaking down in overwhelming tears in a hospital closet after another sad loss despite doing everything that could be done for his patient A crying everything that could be done for his patient A doctor crying that s how transparent he shares his life s challenges and emotional toll both in the thrill of victory and the sometimes death that comes with taking on often seemingly impossible patient cases David takes each death I don t read them as failures personally especially in light of his hopeful promise to each family that he will do his best to help #them survive a promise that weighs heavily in his heart every day when #survive a promise that weighs heavily in his heart every day when Introduction To Graph Theory go mistakenly wrong or just are beyond human ability to save in the endBe forewarned each patient story the cases he takes on often despite advice to not engage due to the stage of illness will tug at the reader s heart. Oldest daughter after a transplantoes awry The nights waiting for donor lungs to become available understanding that someone needed to die so that another patient could live These are some of the stories in Exhale a memoir about Dr Weill’s ten years spent directing the lung transplant program at Stanford Through these stories he shows not only the miracle of transplantation but also how it is a very human endeavor performed by people with strengths an. Exhale Author David WeillSometimes I judge a book by how long it takes to

#read it and #
it and that measure this is one of my all time favorites Receiving a copy late one day it was to be added to a Samlede Essays growing pile of to be read books that wouldet it read in about a month at best I made the mistake of just opening it up and browsing the first few pages While not a fast reader I found myself drawn in like a victim sinking in uicksand unable to put it down finished reading its engaging 333 pages within one day That s how Diversity Inclusion The Big Six Formula For Success good it is be forewarned smileDavid Weill is a lung transplant doctor not a surgeon dedicated to saving lives of patients desperate for their next breath of life suffering with any number of lung diseases all of which are scary to even imagine Heoes above and beyond in his many years of practice personally connecting with these too often near death when undergoing his care patients and families which carries with it deep and strong emotions when facing a failure in loosing that patient Getting so close and connected is a dangerous practice iven the human toll that takes on #loved ones and in this case a dedicated miracle worker physician This very human story of doctor #ones and in this case a dedicated miracle worker physician This very human story of doctor patient is skillfully told in one patient s journey after anothe. Exhale is the riveting memoir of a top transplant doctor who rode the emotional rollercoaster of saving and losing lives until it was time to step back and reassess his own lifeA young father with a rare form of lung cancer who has been turned down for a transplant by several hospitals A kid who was considered not “smart enough” to be worthy of a transplant A young mother dying on the waiting list in front of her two small children A father losing his.

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