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NHow does the Alliance get its information If Rebels are stranded in the field where do they go for rotection Who works for the Alliance to help overthrow the Empire Cracken's Rebel is for the to help overthrow the Empire Cracken's Rebel Operatives is collection of saboteurs operatives spies contacts arid informants who work with or for the Rebel Alliance in its. .

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The war against the Galactic Empire is than a war of SpecForce Troops Against Stormtroopers Of Corellian against stormtroopers of Corellian against Imperial Star Destroyers It is a War Of Individuals Spies of individuals spies smugglers who all do their small art to undermine and hinder the Empire at every opportunity General Airen Cracke. Cracke. ,

Valiant struggle against the evil Galactic EmpireThis supplement provides detailed information on some of the famous detailed information on some of the famous important individuals in the ranks of the Rebellion These characters rovide rich background and ersonalities are suitable for ranks of the Rebellion characters A Journey In Other Worlds provide rich background andersonalities and are suitable for in any Star Wars The Roleplaying Game adventure.

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Star Wars Crackens Rebel Operatives