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Il Decamerone

Giovanni Boccaccio ↠ 9 DOWNLOAD

H day Filostrato who was appointed e del giorno demanded his "friends to tell stories of lovers whose elationship ended disaster " to tell stories of lovers whose elationship ended in disaster narrates the first tale of the day telling the story of Tancredi who after slaying his daughter Ghismonda s lover sends her his heart in a golden cup She then decides to fill the cup with poison drinks it and diesAmong other tragic stories my favorite is the one that followsFIFTH TALEFilomena tells the sad story of Lisabetta who has her lover Lorenzo murdered by her brothers In a dream he tells her where they buried his body and she decides to take his head and to set it in a pot of basil whereon she daily weeps a great while nor did she ever water these with other water than that of her tears or The Nurse As Executive rose or orange flower water Boccaccio s language and wit in writing here is similar to Cervantes in Don uixote as he was able to write about violence sex or even scatological humor for example successfully turning those themes into very lighteads making the episodes funny and enjoyable without shocking his eaders Not that he seemed to be in any way afraid of being offensive and aising some eyebrows his tales about clergyman being deceitful or hypocrites to borrow one of the adjectives he employed in "One Of The Narratives "of the narratives nuns having sex seem to be a direct criticism and a mockery to their status as holy peopleOne of the aspects that eally amused me was the ole of women in his work Boccaccio directly spoke to the gracious ladies with the words below in the first day defining them as the main audience to his book As often most gracious ladies as taking thought in myself I mind me how very pitiful you are all by nature so often do I A Cup Of Comfort For Nurses Stories Of Caring And Compassion recognize that this present work will to your thinking have a grievous and a weariful beginning inasmuch as the dolorousemembrance of the late pestiferous mortality which it beareth on its forefront is universally irksome to all who saw or otherwise knew it On the fourth day once again he addressed the ladies by writing about having been criticized for liking the ladies too much and thinking solely of pleasuring them with his tales There are then discreet ladies some who Essential German Vocabulary reading these stories have said that you please me overmuch and that it is not a seemly thing that I should take so much delight in pleasuring and solacing you and some have said yet worse of commending you as I do Setting the discussion aside of why he would include that odd defense it seems he was being defensive without having been actually attacked on Decamerone I was amazed by the extensive portraits Boccaccio painted of women they were cunning sad some were cheaters others were passionate subjugated and theoles go on For living in a time where men loved and idolized and described women as being the most beautiful things to have ever walked on the earth women so much constantly elevating them to goddesses status it seems that Boccaccio masterfully wrote an array of human like characters with great Rita Blir Forfatter range of emotionsFilm adaptation there s been many adaptations but I ve only watched one 1971 s Il Decameron by Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini Who would be better than the ever so controversial filmmaker to add extra layers of mockery satire and erotica to Boccaccio s already teasing tales The director nicely connected nine of the stories through the fifth tale of the sixth day where Pasolini played the painter Giotto This film is in no way necessary to complement the book but it was a great one hour and a half of pure funRating Boccaccio s work proved to be a fine companion as I oftenead his stories on my commute to work and found myself giggling all the time I can see myself Telephone Triage For Otorhinolaryngology And Head Neck Nurses reeading some tales from time to time like you would with a daily Prom Queen Geeks reflections book For that 4 stars I guess this might be a good time to finally finisheading this I started this book twice in the past in 2010 and 2014 but never managed to finish. And air of humorous omniscience that is the privilege of the greatest writers and the delight of their eadersKeywords Exuisite Prose Boccaccio Fourteenth Century Ladies And Gentlemen Omniscience Fiesole Wile Amorous Detachment Human Nature Masterpiece Slope Privile.
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