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Poets in a LandscapeNt but it made me sad because if there s latin afoot i want to see it and translate it myself i should really not abandon latin every summer still that does not excuse calling ovid s metamorphoses the transformations eugh gross blasphemous also although i ve noticed this before reading so many different latin poets at once really emphasized to me how like social roman poetry is it s directed to other people so often as if excerpted rom conversation note also horace s letters in verse and is so at odds with how people conceive of poetry now so tied up with one s own mind so solitary it would be cool to study poetry that s been influenced by the roman mode or to trace how the roman conception of poetry died out Just about a trace how the roman conception of poetry died out just about a ago i was sitting in about a ago I was sitting in plaza in Rome just across Elizabeth S Dream The Hookup App V3 Book Five from the Pantheon I was reading Gunter Grass and the sky was perfect My luggage made it almost two days after my arrival I was content A large bald man with aain aura of menace sat on the marble steps next to me He made a comment in a brogue ish way that it was a lovely day I concurred with a bit of Carmine Rise Of The Warrior Queen flourish saying something ridiculous like its. Ckground while offering crisp modern translations of theirinest work and memorably vivid descriptions of the natural world The result is an entirely sui generis amalgam of travel writing biography criticism and pure poetry altogether an unexcelled introduction to the world of the classics. I am always wanting to re READ THIS POETS IN A LANDSCAPE this Poets in a Landscape are not my thing poetry is not even really my thing but somehow this book was my thing when I read it It blew me away The way Highet talked about the poetry just ascinated me and made me think about language in a new way This book was a life changer National Geographic Countries Of The World Iraq for me I read it one summer when I was in high school and it transformed merom someone taking Latin because I had to do so to someone who cared about Latin poetry and wanted to be able to read it in the original I ended up a classics major in university and I have been reading Latin ever since I have not reread it in a long time because I m afraid that at a different stage in my life it won t seem the same as in did all those years ago The charm of this book is the way the author uses landscape in this case the Italy of the mid 1950s to evoke the writings and characteristics of Latin poets who lived centuries before He makes Ovid Catullus and others come alive through the places that they loved There is a review Denial from Julia please do read her review that says better than I why this book was sorustrating. Gilbert Highet was a legendary teacher at Columbia University admired or his scholarship and his charisma as a lecturer Poets in a Landscape is his delightful exploration of both Latin literature and the Italian landscape As Highet writes in his introduction “ I have endeavored to recall. Highet himself Not only a raging misogynist but a bit of a self righteous one at thatI enjoyed learning about the Latin poets and did appreciate one at thatI enjoyed learning about the Latin poets and did appreciate s description of Italian landscapes I want a spring nestled in a grotto eeding a stream in my backyardI don t recommend this book as I am sure with a little effort a better presentation by a modern author exists this book is adorable and i should give it to chenier maybe it is adorable because it is basically of historical interest than anything else a relic of the 50s although this adorability via historical interest dimension actually is also responsible or its most non adorable part ie gilbert highet s inability to write about women without being a

raging misogynist to 
misogynist to point that women without being a raging misogynist to the point that think it negatively affected the way he assessed some of the poets the travel writing is adorable highet s weirdness about ovid is another non adorable part highet doesn t really like ovidcompletely underrates him and it s upsetting also upsetting is the complete lack of latin in this book which i get it it s written or a broad audience of laymen with no latin knowledge that s the poi. Some of the greatest Roman poets by describing the places were they lived recreating their characters and evoking the essence of their work” The poets are Catullus Vergil Propertius Tibullus Ovid and Juvenal Highet sketches the stories of the poets’ lives and Socilogos Contra El Economicismo fills in the historical ba.

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