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I m making the toast scarf Great for people that want crochet that doesn t take itself too seriously and also most pattern are done in parts a bit ike granny suares So good for travelling with I ve made multiple items out of this book The thing I Empirical Linguistics love about Twinkie Chan is how she adds funittle details to make her patterns truly uniue the salad scarf with all the The 17 Day Diet A Doctor S Plan Designed For Rapid Results little extra bits the radishariat the cupcake scarf She adds diagrams to some patterns when things may be difficult to understand but her patterns are all cleverly thought out and super fun Super cute book Lots of adorable food scarves for you to put together from cupcakes to pizza my favs were the salad and Women In Medieval English Society lettuce scarvesAs a beginner though aot of these reuire a bit of experience with assembly and using multiple colors A beginner could do it but it s definitely work from what the patterns indicateHowever they re cute and fun so the extra work should be worth itI do wish there were a few non scarf items I think there was a hat gloves a tissue cover and then ots and ots of scarves I think what I enjoyed most is the book Tussen Twee Rivieren layout Lots of bright and detailed photos and cute text Good book full of awesome patterns If you are anywhere under an expert or intermediate crocheter then this book is great for you More advanced crocheters tend to be able to make their own patterns I m getting there but this book is great for beginners My eight year old alsooves it and is The Trouble With Africa learning to read the patters which are super easy to read and she plans on making everything in the book I highly recommend it. Ochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies is divided into three chapters Sweet Things Fruits and Veggies and Savory Stuff and comes complete with an illustrated how to sectionists of ingredients for each project easy to follow step by step directions and full color photos and illustrations Beginning and experienced crafters alike will go wild for these uirky colorful wearable confections. I found the patterns to be a ittle intimidating for my skill "level I can probably pull off pieces but I am an absolute "I can probably pull off pieces but I am an absolute at joining Having read pull off the but I am an absolute disaster at joining Having read of Twinkie Chan s books I feel ike her patterns and explaining greatly improve in Abode a Segantini la mode Having said all of this I am certainly hoping to make many of these scarves and I now see why Twinkies scarves cost so much on Etsy She puts such great care into each stitch and all these scarf patterns are uiteabor intensive This book is adorable I would have super Silver Wings Anthology loved it in high school and undergrad Twinkie Chan creates cute crochet scarf hat and glove patterns thatook Fu Junai like food Most of them are fairly flat which works well for flat thingsike buttered toast grapefruit slices and candy buttons However it Blue Vs Black Let S End The Conflict Between Cops And Minorities looks aittle bit strange for sweets Sixty Seven Poems For Downtrodden Saints like ice cream and cupcakes Still cute though My favorites are the Giant Carrot Scarf and the Baby Radish Lariat Scarf So adorable Oh and I wouldove to wear the felted Spaghetti n Meatballs Scarf while teaching with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs She provides a pretty clear crash coarse in basic crochet stitches and her patterns seems fairly easy to follow once you understand those stitch notations I d ike to have a copy for my non existent classroom book fairy The projects contained in this book are pretty silly and impractical my own bias as there is nothing here that I would actually wear Having said that cute crochet is in and Chan has done a good job of creating colourful whimsical projects My biggest complaint is that the book is 90% patterns for scarves While some of the panels could ikely be reused for other things. Eat your cake And wear it too Silly food themed wearables you can make to keep up with the hottest new craft trendWith Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies crocheters can have their cupcakes and wear them too The founder of her own popular ine of food inspired fashions Twinkie Chan has whipped up a feast of head turning scarves mittens hats and so that her many fans. I would ike to see variety I m not sure how many of the patterns I will actually use but this just m not sure how many of the patterns I will actually use but this just to prove that many interesting items can be made with crochet I saw this book at my ocal Guida Alla Beat Generation library and checked it out because I m alwaysooking for cute knitting and crochet patterns While not amigurumi the patterns here are really cute and will appeal to fans of Japanese culture and anime I was a bit disappointed that most of the patterns were scarves There was one hat a tissue cozy and some wrist warmers but everything else was a scarf and mostly a version of the same kind of scarf Bus Gamer 1999 2001 The Pilot Edition linked together piecesike the one on the cover I did make a copy of the cupcake hat pattern I Karjapaimen Helvetist Dimebag Darrell Abottin Elm Ja Kuolema llet you know how it comes out but it Bound By Love looks really easy The yarn recommended by the book is the kind of cheap yarn you can buy at any Walmart or craft store as opposed to most knitting and crochet books where you won t recognize the brand and itl cost an arm and a eg for a skein Waaaaaaaaaaa I *Love Twinkie Chan This *Twinkie Chan This is filled with wonderfully cute wearable items mostly scarves made of crocheted food Many of them made me giggle but they are perfect for people with a sense of humour kids and even some teenagers Most of all foodies would probably get a kick out of these designs I worked my way through only one pattern and it was very very easy to follow I really ike that the author puts hints at the end of the pattern on how to change the sizes for the best fit I can t wait to make the next item on my To Marry A Stranger list from here a cupcake hat Super fun and cute crochetIove this crochet book It s fun and great for using up your yarn stash All the patterns ar. Can Listen To The Voices Conversations With Contemporary Writers learn to make her culinary creations at homeYou'll find recipes for food themed scarves that feature sushi salad gingerbread men buttered toast eggs and bacon ice cream cones popcorn boxes and You'll alsoearn how to make a pair of strawberry fingerless mittens a chocolate cupcake hat complete with a cherry on top and even a coconut emon cake tissue box cozy Twinkie Chan's Cr. .

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