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I have several novels lined up that take place in the southern US states This filled my Alabama slot It came on the heels place in the southern US states This filled my Alabama slot It came on the heels Faulkner and Mississippi decidedly different And at first I was unhappy about that difference But I decided one should probably not have a steady diet of Faulkner Life needs both its ood and its not so Breeding With A Billionaire Erotic Nonconsent And Breeding Sex good to appreciate eitherAfter I settled in to this it wasood enough There is nothing reat about the writing but nothing terrible either There are five characters who tell the story in first person prose Albert Papa Leta Mama and the children Virgie Tess and Jack I think the author might have done a better job of differentiating these voices For the most part it wasn t difficult to tell them apart though I did have to flip back once or twice apart though I did have to flip back once or twice Remind Myself Which Of The Two Girls Was The Current myself which of the two irls was the current This book is Phillips debut novel and it is MARVELOUS Set in 1931 in Carbon Hill Alabama this book is of a snapshot of life in a southern coal town than anything else She begins with a touch of mystery nine year old Tess sees an unfamiliar woman throw a baby in the family well one night and this mystery follows through the whole book as the wonderful detailed and delightful characters unfold I was captivated from the very first page The Well and the Mine centers on a family Albert a very hard worker who has mined coal his whole life Leta his hardworking and kindhearted wife Virgie the teenage daughter whose beauty terrifies her parents Tess the middle child who is 9 and longing for adventure and Jack a typical 7 year old little brother of the family As I was reading this I often thought about Little House on the Prarie or The Waltons but the depth of the characters and the carefully crafted atmosphere transcend those similarities by light years I could smell and taste the simple pleasures of their day honey on biscuits and Albert s strong coffeeI am Toplu Iirler going to miss this sweet family I feel as if I should add them to my Christmas card list This was a delicious novel I really enjoyed this book It s uiet in its messages this family is wonderful toet to know The last line is perfect and sums up all the themes in this bookThis is a story of a warm close hard working mining family in the 1930s in Southern USA Times are tough but they hold together as a family and as a part of their community Throughout the story is told from all 5 viewpoints each family member has a turn to tell part of the story You d think that this might lead to a jumpy uneven story but the story is told seamlessly and we et to know each member as an individualThat s a theme that permeates throughout individuals being a part of a whole working together yet staying themselves The viewpoints are interesting as well father mother and 2 sisters tell their side from the time of the story son tells his side from memory as an middle aged adult Was he too young at the time to have comments to add Perhapsperhaps the reader would have taken the words of a 7 year old less seriously and paid him no mind That makes sense in terms of one of the themes of the storyline prejudices I recommend this book highly for the uiet story it tells of a community in hard times the depression and at the cusp of social change women s euality racial prejudices This is a lovely family to et to know as well That said this story is sweet and the family too perfect and doing too well compared with their neighbours for the situation of the town The author made them a part of the town in every way they belonged in their time and place yet their The Luthier S Apprentice good fortune seemed excessive in some way in comparison with the rest of the town Periodically in between chapters I would find myselfazing off into space thinking about The Well and the Mine and the Moore family their friends and neighbors and the small Alabama coal town where they lived I could hear night sounds of cicada and frogs and hushed conversations on the front porch I could smell the canning of pear preserves and pickling brine for cucumbers I could hear and smell the bubbling creek and Leta s wash water boiling in the cauldron And I could feel the black coal embedded in Albert s hard scrabbled hands dust upon Jack s boots and the skirt hems of Tess and Virgie Goose bumps rising from the crackling of lightening made real All elements of a well written humbly rich atmospheric novel b This is a wonderful book surprisingly a debut novel The book takes place in a mining town in Alabama in 1931 and the sense of place is almost a character itself The story opens with a distressing event and the mystery surrounding the event carries through the book but really it is a story about a family a place a time and a way of living There are multiple narrators each well developed characters each iving the reader a different perspective on this hard life The descriptions of the day to day lives of each family member are so well done that we learn so much but we as readers are never take. 1931 In Carbon Hill a small Alabama mining town nine year old Tess Moore watches from the darkness of her back. ,

The Well and the MineTake a bath on Saturday nights even if I d just been swimming 60%This is a entle book which speaks of a harsh time The whispered message is beautiful in its simplicity So if I recommend reading the book why do I ive it three stars First of all because three stars means I did like the book Secondly perhaps it was a bit too sweet for my preferences That is not a criticism of the book but it affects my rating I would like to read Storming Heaven soon The two could well be read together Nice story but nothing than that Told from different perspectives which is a ood thing but often there Is No Real Connection Between no real connection between parts there is no flow what s the lacks tension flow What s the story lacks tension is as if the author realizes from time to time what were we talking about again Oh yes the well woman let s say something about her The plot is pretty lame and the story peters out The protagonists themselves are very nice very politically correct not to say nauseatingly sweet They do and say all the right things At the start of each chapter the author lets Jack say something about what happened to everyone in later life I found this totally unnecessary and it took me out of the 1931 atmosphere ie hampered the flow Is there nothing positive I can say about this novelThe atmosphere of a small Alabama coal mining town in the summer of 1931 is beautifully drawn Also the story is very rich in detail about working in a coal mine for instance which was very interesting All the characters are lovingly drawn although this went a bit overboard sometimes as stated above All in all a nice read but a bit disappointing There s a stunning metaphor hidden in the title of this novel the mine being a void of ever increasing scale is juxtaposed with the well which renews itself constantly despite daily depletion It s a reat image the mine offers up smoky pitch black coal the well ives cool refreshing water I say the metaphor is hidden because Phillips does almost nothing with this contrast It s there and it s set up but it doesn t Balancing The Tensions Of Change Eight Keys To Collaborative Educational Renewal go anywhere A bit like the Depression that surrounds this taleIf To Kill a Mockingbird were set in a small mining town and the main characters had to fully confront therim reality of life during the depression this would be that novel A baby is thrown into the Moore family s well It s witnessed by 9 year old Tess and forms the central mystery that drives the story Tess and her sister Virgie decide they are oing to find out who could commit such a crime and begin their investigations What they uncover is about life itself in 1930s Jim Crow deep south than it is about any one particular crime A reat tonal element is the ever present threat posed by the savagely dangerous mines to which most of the characters owe their livelihoods Collapses explosions rockfalls are always threatening as are foreclosures and unemploymentThe circling narrative skipping constantly between all five members of the family is a nice touch It s always surfacing different views of the same events but it also builds empathy for each character narrator or not Some of the race issues are handled a little clumsily such as father Albert s awkward invitations to a black colleague to ride with him in the front seat of his car or to come for dinner These are never resolved and they don t fully confront the even History And Obstinacy grimmer reality of being black in 1930s Jim Crow deep south Albert s half hearted attempts at racial conciliation match the novel itself and Phillip s half hearted attempts torapple with such an issueThere are some little touches of magic however such as Leta s very understated but pivotal role in the novel matching perfectly her role in the family as a whole At the end the novel is certainly of a source of replenishment than depletion This book Phillips debut novel came out last year on Hawthorne Books which has now belongs to Penguin who will be re releasing it sometime in the not too distant future And well they should this is a marvelous novel Set in 1931 in Carbon Hill Alabama this book is of a snapshot of life in a southern coal town than anything else There is a bit of a mystery a nine year old Buku Pintar Penyuntingan Naskah Edisi Kedua girl sees an unfamiliar woman throw a baby in a well on night but it s biggest asset is the wonderful detailed and delightful character development throughout the book It centers on a family Albert who has mined coal his whole life Leta his hardworking and kindhearted wife Virgie the couple s teenage daughter whose beauty terrifies her parents Tess the middle child who is 9 and longing for adventure and Jack the ornery 7 year old little brother of the family In some ways this reminds me areat deal of The Waltons but the depth of the characters and the carefully crafted atmosphere transcend that similarity by light years I was left aching for when the last page was turned I m Love Sex The Spiritual Path 21 Ways To Overcome Your Emotional Barriers And Thrive In Your Relationship The Revolutionary Love Book Series going to miss this family And I moing to watch out for Gin Phillips books she s oing to be an amazing southern voice in literary fiction. The mystery of the woman at the well a portrait emerges of a family struggling to survive the darkest of time.

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N out of the story The chores the back breaking Work The Limited Food And How It Is Cooked Are the limited food and how it is cooked are intrinsic to the back breaking work the limited food and how it is cooked are all intrinsic to the and the story The author addresses poverty racism the unfairness of life loss and despair and yet it is such a hopeful warm and uplifting novelThe writer has skills her descriptions are beautiful we see and feel and smell what they do and despite the harsh reality of life in this mining town there is so much beauty and love and it is inspirationalRead this book it will make you appreciate your familythe food on your table and most of all your washing machine If that opening line doesn t et you After she threw the baby in nobody believed me for the longest time But I kept hearing that splashThe Well and the Mine tells the story of the Moore family in 1930s Alabama The community survives because of the nearby mine which employs many of the because of the nearby mine which employs many of the including Albert Moore While the story begins with the baby in the well at the Moore homestead which was witnessed by 9 year old Tess there is so much to this story than that alone At times it even seemed like that was hardly a part of the story at all The Well and the Mine details life during the Depression in Alabama when life was often hard to face but these characters not only survive but face life with a fierceness and determination that is not seen much in the 21st century The mystery of the baby in the well is solved by the end of the story but that discovery seems inconseuential compared to the other day to day trials of the Moore family and their neighbors The opening line may draw readers in but the last line will keep readers thinking long after they have finished this one The right answer could be than one thing at the same time NO SPOILERSOh I do recommend this book The last line was so perfect I recommend it because the book whispers in a low uiet unobtrusive manner and yet it leaves an important message The book is about an upright hard working miner s family of the 1930s living in Alabama It is about a place a time period and about determining your own personal Ikhtiar Harapan Pelatihan Bos Persekolahan Di Indonesia guidelines It is about living in the South during the Depression and it deals with racial ineualities too First I thought it was primarily concerned with a child s point of view but it isn t just that The adults views come across beautifully too One family with a common high moral standard but each individual perspective is uietly but clearly expressed A woman throws her baby down a well That is the most obvious theme of the book Who did this Why did she do this And how does each individual react to this No one is left untouched What drew me to this novel from the very start was the author s turn of words her ability to size up a character and in aiven expression let the reader know who that person was Here you see Tess and her sister Virgie They are very clearly different types And we ain t seen your new baby yet said Tess But I heard he s precious She Sumerkin grinned when she said it dimples showing tilting her head a little in that way that made her curls shake I d said I would do the talking but I couldn t do what Tess did She could turn on charm like pulling the light switch the right words coming out so bright and easy Adults were always patting her head laughing at her whispering to Papa and Mama how clever she was what a cute little thing And it wasn t like she even had to pull the string it just happened 37%But neither are the characters simple Just as with real people they are multifaceted I enjoy the prose style and I enjoy meeting the people in this wonderful family First you think all is so idyllic but waitHere follows Tess own views on the Baptists This particular Baptist preacher I didn t care for too much He was too bony for one thing with cheekbones that looked like you could slice yourself on them And he sounded angry shouting every word I thought that might have been because he hadn totten enough to eat But his bad mood caught hold of his sermon he preached about how this earth wasn t our true home and we were only here for a brief time before we passed along to our true home He talked about not being tied to money or earthly things and how we should shun this world and love the other I wondered if he was right I never liked sermons about this world being just a train stop It had always seemed like a pretty nice place to me with magnolias and chocolate cake and baby chicks But it could be that I d missed something important that really the earth was a place full of harshness and danger as the preacher said That the Well Woman was only the beginning of me seeing what was important 52% Ever since that baby died pieces didn t fit together as well as they used to Some things were convoluted before of course Papa was the strongest man in the world so of course nothing hurt him but he was cracked all over from the mines God was ood but he might decide to send you to hell Getting baptized in the river cleaned your soul but I still had to. Porch as a woman lifts the cover off the family well tosses a baby in without a word As Tess tries to unravel. ,

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