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On my own It was filled with pretty Recommended by kids for NYRA 2013 this is a beautiful winter tale about Frost King NYRA 2013 is a beautiful winter tale about Frost King brings snow and a snow dog that becomes a real dog Nice illustrations remind Jan Brett s books Story of two kids who create a dog of snow The dog is kidnapped by the Frost King who takes him to the ice palace But finally the dog runs away back to the children where he magically turns into a real dog Sweet story good read aloud Kids enjoyed it Bill Martin Jr PIcture Book Award for Kansas 2012 This title was reuested for multiple readings by my children A dog made of snow is magically brought to frosty life by the Frost King who wants him as a pet The dog remembers fondly the children who created him and breaks away to find them What a wonderful winter tale about love highlighted by beautiful illustrations so crisp that one feels the cold of the snow and the warmth of the love betwe This weeks library book that came home Such a cute story with a nice messag. Ut To Find His Way Home find his way home the spirit of such classics as The Velveteen Rabbit here is a magical heartwarming story about the transformative power of lov. .

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Cute story with beautiful illustrations Wouldn t buy it but a nice winter checkout from the library Who says Snow dogs aren Wouldn t buy it but a nice winter checkout from the library Who says Snow dogs aren real Perfect story for the snow and dog loving children of the world Magical story that kids will enjoy Instead of making a snowman brother and sister Olen and Anna make a snow dog They put a scarf and hat on him and wish that he was real One day the Frost King takes him to live in his palace but the dog realizes he d rather be at home with his children Fun Fantasy to use during the winter season Comparisons to Frosty or Wizard of OZ THERE S NO PLACE LIKE There s no place like Good story to pr Snow Dog s Journey by LORETTA KRUPINSKI FOLLOWS THE WINTER TIME Krupinski follows the winter time of siblings Anna and Olen The pair love to play in the snow Anna decides to build a snow dog instead of a snow manThe children fall in love with their snowy creation They even provide a scarf and hat to keep him warm Later that night the Frost King bringer of all snow flew overhead Spying the cool canine he stopped and One wintry day two children build a dog out of snow and they play with him and love him ust as if he were real That night the icy Frost King spies the Ecided to make the pooch his companionSnow Dog can t believe that he Has Come To Life The come to life The King Happily Scoops Him Up And Flies Back To His Icy scoops him up and flies back to his icy Snow Dog cares greatly for the King but deeply misses Anna and Olen He must now make the ultimate decision live forever with the King or risk melting away to
with the children he lovesI this was a fantastic read The story is a mixture of Frosty the Snowman meets Pinocchio Krupinski has created in depth characters that are full of heart The idea of a Frost King bringing the winter snow is truly magical Children will love the sense of fantasy that this story evokesKrupinski s illustrations are stunning Most of the scenes take place at night She does a magnificent Captivated Talented Saga 3 5 job of balancing the dark background with cool blue tones to create winter pictures that will make readers want to snuggle up with a blanket a mug of cocoaThis is a wonderful book for animal lovers of all ages lovely cover but my sonust couldn t get into it but I finished. Og and decides to make him his own Together they travel far and wide but in his heart Snow Dog knows that no one loves him like the children So he sets The Snow Dogs Journey

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