EBOOK NEW (Skeleton Key) By Anthony Horowitz

Rating 35Minor spoilersI was pretty disappointed with this one I really enjoyed Point Blank but this book pretty much paled in comparison to it Don t get me wrong it was enjoyable enough but it wasn t everything I was hoping Faery Song forThis book begins shortly after Alex recoveredrom France and has started to go to school again Alex gets sucked back into his work at M16 when he is asked to become a ballboy at Wimbledon so he can keep a look out or anything suspicious After some unfortunate events where a gang of sorts is after Alex M16 *Tells Him He Must *him he must the country or a period of time so Alex accepts a job with the CIA in Skeleton Key an island near CubaIt took a very long time Build Your Own Computer The Complete Step By Step Guide To Constructing A Pc That S Right For You for me to get into this book Theirst half was just extremely boring and virtually nothing happened It took maybe 100 pages or just The Ghost Pirates for us to even learn about the job in Skeleton Key or Cayo Esueleto It also took a very long timeor any action to happen In Point Blank we re given a sort of sneak peek as to why the case was brought to

attention of M16 The same in Skeleton Key however we re given way too ma. Teenage superspy Alex Rider is enlisted by the national security services again – this time or a routine reconnaissance mission at the Wimbledon Tennis Championshi. From Stormbreaker and Point Blanc and the *Two Previous Books Are Also *previous books are also as graphic novels This book sees Alex rider orced to go into hiding on Skeleton Key an island near Cuba where a Russian General called Sarov is hatching a plan to change the history of the worldI m am really getting into the series now because this book splits into to adventures although they both Lifemate Connections Eryn flow and are both the same adventure but seem to be in different places This book is perfector any 9 15 year old but some grown ups When Morning Comes Silhouette Special Editions 143 find they love it too If you like spy novels books like Alex Rider CHERUB and Jason Steed are perfect easy reading novelsull of adventures and excitementThis novel was the best I ve ever read I could barely put it down I uite desperately recommend this book to anyone wanting to buy it 35 starsGosh this series is so addictive Even if it s completely unrealistic Even if Alex Rider should have died 50 times over at this pointAlex grows on you I pity his situation of being an orphan but I admire the amount of strength he shows every day and especially during Missions To Save The World to save the world Ale. Alex begins to make chilling links between suspicious deaths an illegal nuclear weapons deal and begins to make chilling links between suspicious deaths an illegal nuclear weapons deal and plans of his host Russian General Sarov or the uture of the wor. Skeleton KeyNy answers in the irst chapter We learn about the plan right at the beginning so the reveal meant pretty much nothing unlike in Point Blank where we learn what s going on at the same time as AlexOn top of this the writing also The Kindly Ones felt pretty bland You could argue that the book isor *MIDDLE GRADE IN ADDITION TO YOUNG ADULT BUT THIS *grade in addition to young adult but this t mean the writing has to be dumbed down This didn t bother me City Of Fire for all of the book but it was pretty noticeable in some placesOverall this was still a good book but in my opinion in was the worst in the series soar It took Les Rives Du Crpuscule Tome 2 far too longor the story to actually start and too much was given away in the beginning I enjoyed how the irst two books had some sort of air of mystery to them THAT THIS ONE LACKED THIS ISN T ONE OF this one lacked This isn t one of best series I ve read but it was definitely pretty good so if you re thinking about trying it I d definitely recommend picking up Stormbreaker the irst in the series This one wasn t too great but I ll probably pick up Eagle Strike at some point I m sorry but this book was absolutely horrible This is the third Alex Rider book The Virginity Club following on. Ps But before long Alexinds himself caught up in a terrifying chain of events that leads rom the Chinese Triad gangs in London caught up in a terrifying chain of events that leads rom the Chinese Triad gangs in London an undercover assignment in Cuba. ,