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His Pain eIt s OK to go after do before I talk about my thoughts of this books let me suggest that this book is not for the average parent though if the average parent would read with an open mind it would help no this book is primarily for Christian parents and there s nothing wrong with that I mention this truism because most of the criticism of this book is on the spiritual content stemming from non Christians seemingly and not on the ACTUAL apparent content of the bookg bringing up boys if you are someone who disagrees with the assertions that Christianity and the bible make about morality homosexuality the traditional family unit malefemale differences and strengths and making religion the center of raising a child then this book is not for you ven though it s RIGHTHAVING A 15 YEAR OLD BOY AS OF THIS a 15 year old boy as of this I found myself really needing guidance about how to raise him up to be a godly man and a good person I had good parents but probably not great ones and I often feel under prepared and overwhelmed when I think about what I have or don t have to give to my son I am familiar with Dobson and knew that this book would at the very least get me in the ballpark Dobson is A Good Writer And good writer and a good balance of information as a psychologist Christian and father sometimes it seems that Dobson only had an xample because he felt like it fit within his book outline and there are times when his stories or The Absent Gods Trilogy examples had nothing to do with the subject at hand and heven admitted it a few times that made the reading a little odd the other thing that I have to say is that he seems to really be a traditionalist when it comes to the Family And The Roles In and the roles in family and i m not opposed to this per se but since my family isn t traditional I stay at home with my kids while my wife works I really wanted to hear his argument for this but the best thing you get is that the bible says it or something similar to that which is not how he cites verything lse in the book I found most of the book well researched but there are a few times like his traditional statements which seemed really unsupported by reason citation and scripture The Magician Super Universe even though he SAID it was most of his content is very good and the general thing I took away from it was really just how important my role as a father is in shaping my son s life and that I need to always be mindful of that and seek God for wisdom in what I do and say but really that s about the only thing I took from this book I can t ding it for major flaws but I will say that reading this book wasn t all that illuminating for me most of it was common sense and only reinforced my beliefs as a Christian dad I do recommend it and i m going to read from Dobson and will read the Bringing Up Girls seuel too This is a very dangerous book for mothers and fathers of boys There is puntitive parenting tactics and worse there are scare tactics and unproven theories used to promote detaching of young children from their mother s PLEASE if you do read this book read it as an opportunity toducate yourself against the Christian movement towards puntitive discipline control and breaking of a child s spirit I have lost all respect for Dr Dobson after reading this book Parts of it are so disgusting to my thoughts of gentle graced based discipline and attachment parenting it made me physically sick I am raising three boys I received this as a gift and was appalled at the anti feminist homophobic religious morality rhetoric contained within this book It is a dangerous misrepresentation of imperical psychological data This book was loaned to me by a friend who had purchased it but not read it I only finished this book so that I could do a comparative rev. Of biblical principles Bringing Up Boys a must read book for parents teachers social workers youth leaders counselors anyone involved in the challenge of turning boys into good menThe audiobook is read by Wayne Shepard and punctuated by original music. Bringing Up Boys

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Never before have I been disgusted by the fact that I spent money on a book If I could give it zero stars I would I ordered the book online after just seeing the title on a suggested reading list and since I m all for reading up about parenting lately and it had 4 stars and well I have a boy I went ahead and ordered it without knowing anything about it or the author In reading the first chapter I recognized the author and realized that his ideas were likely to be conservative than my own But hey I m a mom and I m a Christian so I kept an open mind The first few chapters made me raise a few yebrows but almost in a good way It made me think about my own values and uestion my ideas about the family and my role values and uestion my ideas about the family and my role a mother I figured that Nature Works 1 Baking Soda even if I didn t wholeheartedly agree withverything Dobson was saying The Morning Switch Revamp Your Life Before 9am examining my own ideas is always a good thing But once I was about 30% into the book I was getting annoyed There was nothing helpful orven specific being said about the day to day raising of boys just generalities about the structure of the family And I found it poorly written at that and poorly organized And he continually did one of my biggest pet peeves mentioning something then saying he ll talk about it fully in another chapter He also uoted himself from his other books which I found annoyingBut then I got to the chapter on preventing homosexuality and it just made me sick I had to stop reading I guess I will never know if there was ANYTHING helpful in the book because the I can t give weight or credit to any of his ideas because his views as Boardwalk espoused in that chapter are just a deal breaker for me He is certainlyntitled to his opinions but I just can t take advice from someone believes what he does As a mother of two boys myself any book that advises me to A Quick Read One Minute Stories ensure that they grow up to be masculine as if that is desirable goes straight to the DNR pile I want my children to become loving and kind men not misogynistic assholes who wouldn t recognize anmotion if it hit them over the head with a four by four Raising boys in a loving nvironment and letting them play with non gender specific toys doesn t make them gay Dr Dobson I was given this book as a gift as well I saw this other comment written by Jane Leacock I am raising three boys I received this as a gift and was appalled at the anti feminist homophobic religious morality rhetoric contained within this book It is a dangerous misrepresentation of imperical psychological data to formulate correlations that are not only incorrect but also insulting The level of chauvinism and bigotry are astounding The author includes amusing antecdotes and a few remedial suggestions for raising boys However this only hides the fact that he wants you to raise homophobic masogonistic children that will be confused About Themselves And The themselves and the that they live in If you are wanting advise on raising boys in modern society you are better served reading Raising Cain by Dan Kindlonless She hits it dead on I never finishe dthe book and I couldn t ven recycle it It is teh only book I have Black Sheep The Hidden Benefits Of Being Bad ever thrown awayCoincidentally I am notven friends any longer with teh person who gave it to me We got this as a gift it isn t a book I would have sought out It s kind of funny I brought up this book at Thanksgiving dinner at the in laws and my ultra Conservative right wing SIL scoffed at it Anyhow Dobson s views on parenting are way too colored by his political views If I listen to him my sons are going to grow up to be homosexual because my husband is out of town too much and I take on the lion s share of the parenting Yeah I ll make a note about that Hey by that view are lesbians formed because their moms left the bulk. Gold Medallion Award winnerWith so much confusion about the role of men in our society it's no wonder so many parents and teachers are at a loss about how to bring up boys Our culture has vilified masculinity and as a result boys are suffering Parents. ,
Of the parenting to the dads Was the mom out pursuing her career as a Mary Kay saleswomen leading to gay daughters Hm That d make a good novel A MOM BLAMES DAUGHTER S mom blames her s lifestyle on the tragic pursuit of a pink cadillacThe ONE thing that saves this book from the trash heap is the observation that the traditional classroom structure was designed by women teachers for the benefit of girls learning styles Ha as a friend said that s the ONLY thing designed for the benefit of girls As the mother of boys I try to keep in mind that what worked for me in school may not work for them I m reading Bringing Up Boys by Dr James Dobson founder of Focus on the Family I LOVE it It has just affirmed what I know to be true that my husband is a MAN a REAL man who I love to death and that raising a boy is so important not that raising a girl is unimportant but if you read the book you ll understand that it s just really differentThis is not my point to this post It is actually about why we feel disconnected to others I m sure if we dig deep down we all know that it is in part due to technology We keep up with people on Facebook mail MySpace text messaging tc tcHe says it a lot better than I can Are you one of these harried women running in ndless circles Have you a lot better than I can Are you one of these harried women running in Operating System Analysis And Design endless circles Have you yourself too busy to read a good book or take a long walk with your spouse or hold your three year old child on your lap while telling him or her a story Have you taken time to study God s Word to commune with Him and listen to His gentle voice Have youliminated almost Birth Of A Reformation The Life And Labors Of Daniel S Warner Illustrations every meaningful activity in order to deal with the tyranny of a nevernding to do list Have you It S Good To Be Gronk ever asked yourself why in the world you have chosen to live like thisWhen was the last time you had friends drop by unexpectedly for a visitThere was a time when families made a regular habit of packing into the car and driving over to a friend s home for an afternoon of good conversation and a piece of banana cream pie It was one of life s special little pleasuresI ll never forget the times as a boy when I would hear a knock on the doorand a familiar voice wouldcho through the house Is anybody homeSadly that kind of spontaneous camaraderie is difficult to achieve in today s fast paced world The pressures and busyness of life have all but destroyed the sense of community that was once common among families and friends We seldom if You Re Not Alone An Indie Author Anthology ever drop in on friends unannounced Andven if we did they would probably have to cancel a string of appointments in order to be with us Thus we go about our days careening through life glancing at our watches and wondering why we don t have very many close friendshipsWow I remember friends of my parents calling out anyone home or my parents doing that at my grandparents homes I have never done that well not since college when I lived in the dorms We schedule and make appointments with friends Part of this is that friends live a distance from us Many of us I think probably don t know our neighbors well Our friends live far Your Father Sends His Love Stories enough away that we need to drive to their house and we know how busy they are so we ask when a good time to call is rather than just callingWhen was the last time you dropped in on a friend I hope it wasn t long ago and that you ll do it again soon This book assumes that all boys are the same and that they are all stereotypical It also assumes that if your son plays with dolls likes pink wears his mother s shoes when he s like 3 he will grow up and be GAYYes folks let your son do girly girl things and he ll be out in some gay club wearing chaps with his butt hanging out looking to scoreNO THAT S NOT EVEN GOING TO HAPPEN Do NOT take child rearing advice from a man who thinks. Teachers and others involved in shaping the character of boys have many uestions In Bringing Up Boys Dr James Dobson America's most trusted authority on family issues tackles these uestions and offers advice andncouragement based on a firm foundation. ,

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