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Was doneAnother close ncounter was with a bluebottle jellyfish Bryson and his guide Deirdre were boogie boarding at Freshwater Beach near Manly when Deirdre suddenly grabbed Bryson s arm and stopped him from advancing toward the bluey as Deirdre called it At the time Bryson didn t know what she meant by blueyIs it dangerous I askedNow before we hear Deirdre s response to me as I stood there vulnerable and abraded shivering nearly naked and half drowned let me just uote from her subseuent article in the Herald s weekend magazine While the photographer shoots Bryson and his boogie board are dragged 40 meters down the beach in a rip The shore rip runs south to north unlike the rip further out which runs north to south Bryson doesn t know this He didn t read the warning sign on the beach Nor does he know about the bluebottle being blown in his direction now less than a meter away a swollen stinger that could give him 20 minutes of agony and if he s unlucky an unsightly allergic reaction to carry on his torso for his lifeDangerous No Deirdre replied now as we stood gawping at the bluebottle But don t brush against itWhy notMight be a bit uncomfortableI looked at her with an xpression of interest bordering on admiration Long bus journeys are "uncomfortable Slatted wooden benches are uncomfortable Lulls in conversations are uncomfortable The sting of a Portuguese "Slatted wooden benches are uncomfortable Lulls in conversations are uncomfortable The sting of a Portuguese of war ven Iowans know this is agony It occurred to me that Australians are so surrounded with danger that they have Real Dangerous Girl evolved anntirely new vocabulary to deal with itFootnote The statement is inarguable However the author would like the record to show that he did not have his glasses on he trusted his hosts he was scanning a large area of ocean for sharks and he was How To Be A Roman Dominatrix No Fuss Femdom How To Guides endeavoring throughout not toxcrete a large house brick into his pantsHAHAHA Bryson is a hoot you guys There is so much great stuff in this book and I could type out pages of other funny stories but I shall leave you to discover it for yourself Like all of his travelogues he shares interesting historical details about the places he visits and he s good at making fun of himself and his bumbling ways I njoyed this so much and I laughed so hard and so often that this has become one of my favorite Bryson books If you like audiobooks I highly recommend listening to Bryson narrate this It s marvelous My rating 45 stars rounded up to 5 Ok First of all I m here to tell you that marvelous My rating 45 stars rounded up to 5 Ok First of all I m here to tell you that fiction is normally not my bag I think I got this book because I forgot to send in the do not send notice in a book club That said I m soooo happy that I didn t and I made myself read this OMG I lost track of how many times I laughed until there were tears running down my cheeks and how many smiles and chuckles it rang out of me This is a book about Bryson s trips I believe he combines a few trips to Oz into this one book to the really undiscovered island of Australia and his impressions of what he sees and who he meets There is history wonderfully funny and horribly gruesome and sad stories lodging and traveling tips and a long list of places there that I really now want to see His wit and sarcastic humor is what did it for me I will look for of his books and hope that he goes on journeys to share with his reading audience I developed a taste for Bill Bryson last year when I read his Short History of Nearly Everything an ambitious attempt to trace the history of life the universe and verything in just 574 pages While many of the scientific discoveries outlined in the book were a little beyond me I thoroughly Sweet Jealousy A Bdsm Domination Submission Romance enjoyed Bryson s descriptions of the larger than life personalities behind the discoveries which really brought the science described to life So when I found out that he had also written a travelogue of a journey across the country I may soon call home Australia I simply had to read itAustralia for those of you who have never been there Bill Bryson never seems to use the same approach toach of his books Is this book going to. E of curiosities When he isn't dodging Portuguese man of wars or considering the virtues of the remarkable platypus he visits southwest Gippsland home of the world's largest arthworms up to 12 feet in length He discovers that Australia which began nationhood as a prison contains the longest straight stretch of railroad track in the world 297 miles as well as the world's largest monolith the majestic Uluru and largest living thing the Great Barrier Reef He finds ridiculous place names Mullumbimby Ewylamartup Jiggalong and the supremely satisfying Tittybong and manages to catch a cricket game on the radio which is like listening to. Bill Bryson is on a short list

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go to writers I need a thoughtful but "Not Too Taxing Book His "too taxing book His works seem to follow the Bryson formula1 Bryson travels around a Country And Gets Drunk In and gets drunk in bars2 Bryson gets pissed off at rude and stupid people but is usually forgiving and self depreciating3 Bryson ass As xpected this was a mix of fun facts and a companion travel piece Being Australian I m sure I A Dark Place To Die enjoyed this than the average non Australian reader but I could see that some partsspecially the parts apart about politics and cricket could bore a few readers who aren t already familiar with our peculiar sports and politicians I Quiet Thunder enjoyed the read and found it fun when injected with Bryson s humourous anecdotes along the way I also realised how very little I ve seen of my own ridiculo Having travelled briefly through parts of ueensland and New South Wales several years ago I d been waiting to catch up with Bryson s bookver si Whatever subject Bill Bryson writes abouthe has the ability to turn it into first class The Skeptic S Guide To American History entertainmentThis book was all thenjoyable for meas it brought back memories of the year I spent in Australiaa country I became very fond of With a country like Australiawhich is known as the land down underwith its inverted seasonsuniue wild life and history of convict settlementBryson never lacks for materialHe visits the major cities and Vivaldi even travels the Australian outback on the Indian Pacific trainI had contemplated that journeybut didn t uite undertake itHis trademark commentary onach place he visits is delightfulParticularly Foreign Faction Who Really Kidnapped Jonbenet enjoyed his humorous description of Canberrathe capitalwhere I livedBryson also has a fair bit to sayabout all the deadly creatures that inhabit Australiasuch as the Box JellyfishsnakestcI remained blissfully unaware of thosein the pre internet days and read Bryson s book a long time after returning from down underAlso missed visiting Uluru Ayer s Rock and Bryson s description made me wish I hadafter going so nearMost of Bryson s travel books are very interestingbut this one is among his bestalongwith the delightful A Walk in the Woods I love Australia Don Quijote even though I have never been there It has amazing wilderness and is the setting of beautiful movies itxports talented actors actresses and directors it has that Great Barrier Reef thingy which is apparently so wonderful that is is a Natural Wonder of the World and it is home to the stunning Sydney Opera House And oh yeah Aussies gave us UGGs So we have a lot to thank them forBill Bryson also loved Australia so much so that he spent months touring its cities and the Outback Bryson The Weary Blues employed his usual humor in this travelogue and numerous sections had me laughing out loud sometimesmbarrassingly so But he would also wax rhapsodic about how amazing the land wasThere was no place in the world like it There still isn t Eighty percent of all that lives in Australia plant and animal Do Over exists nowherelse More than this it Please Do Feed The Animals Zoo exists in an abundance that seems incompatible with the harshness of thenvironment Australia is the driest flattest hottest most desiccated infertile and climatically aggressive of all the inhabited continents Only Antarctica is hostile to life This is a place so inert that Hula Lou even the soil is technically speaking a fossil And yet it teems with life in numbers unaccounted For insects alone scientists haven t the faintest idea whether the total number of species is 100000 or than twice that As many as a third of those species remainntirely unknown to science For spiders the proportion rises to 80 percent This is a country that is at once staggeringly Ridders En Jonkvrouwen empty and yet packed with stuff Interesting stuff ancient stuff stuff not readilyxplained Stuff yet to be found Trust me this is an interesting placeBryson gets into his fair share of scrapes during his Australian journey and at one point he and his traveling companion are in danger of running out of both fuel and water while in the Outback Luckily no serious harm. Bill Bryson follows his Appalachian amble A Walk in the Woods with the story of his The Secret Hour exploits in Australia where A bombs go off unnoticed prime ministers disappear into the surf and cheery citizens coexist with the world's deadliest creatures toxic caterpillars aggressive seashells crocodiles sharks snakes and the deadliest of them all the dreaded box jellyfish And that's just the beginning as Bryson treks through sunbaked deserts and upndless coastlines crisscrossing the under discovered Down Under in search of all things interesting Bryson who could make a pile of dirt compelling and yes Australia is mostly dirt finds no shortag.

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Be snarky Bill Is this going to be funny Bill Is this going to be funny yet informative Bill Is this going to be to be funny yet informative Bill Is this going to be yet informative Bill I could go on but my hands would start to cramp up with the unlimited combinationsThis one is reverential informative and mostly self Hell On Wheels effacing humor Bill Bill loves Australians but he hates the fact that the country is over run with hordes of killer species and there s a big hot assed desert in the middle of the continentAustralians are lovely people The one s I ve known were incredibly friendly and generous I worked with a couple who were touring the United States and working at odd jobs along the way When they were leaving they gave me their contact information and invited me to visit at any time If they are reading this my family will be down under in a week or so and plan to stay for about a month We don tat much beyond shrimp and steak and don t wish to try vegemite so thanks and keep that stuff to yourself So good onya mates and crikey and stuffAlthough it s a topic that needs The Claddagh Icon examining Bryson s writing on the treatment of Aborigines seems out of place and shrill compared with the Australian lovefest and repeated warnings about deadly jelly fish killer spiders and gun toting snakesThis was a buddy read with la doyenne of non fiction buddy reads Le Trish I love Bill Bryson Yep it s a full blown one sided bromance Bryson could write a book about the history of the individual rooms within the typical house and I would love it he did and I did So when I discovered he d written about hisxperiences while traveling Australia I knew I d found my next good read In a Sunburned Country takes in the Land Down Under from today traveling all the way back to its Lilith S Brood earliest historical findings Youxpect and get a look at modern Australia its "UK Convict Days Sydney And Other Cities The Bush The "convict days Sydney and other cities the bush the and the plight trials and importance of the aborigines All of the above also comes with a healthy dose of Bryson humor It s self deprecating it s consciously delusional for comedy s sake it s honest and it gives me the chuckles I appreciate that he puts himself in awkward situations and really njoy his description of scenes in which he is a participating victim Australia has countless ways to kill a person what with all its deadly animals so there s plenty of opportunity for hair raising hilarity specially considering Bryson s the sort of guy who could get himself savaged for hair raising hilarity Ring Of Destiny A Reynald Tale 1 especially considering Bryson s the sort of guy who could get himself savaged a hedgehog Fun is fun and all but in thend this book is about the knowledge so if you have an interest in learning about Australia I couldn t recommend another book highly The author is a full on philomath and he loves this country so the reader is treated to a veritable love fest spewed all over the pages of In a Sunburned Country Lovely little adventure a la Bill Bryson No one knows incidentally why Australia s spiders are so Gatecrasher Volume 1 Ring Of Fire extravagantly toxic capturing small insects and injecting them withnough poison to drop a horse would appear to be the most literal case of overkill Still it does mean that Silence Of Souls everyone gives them lots of space What an absolutely stunningndorsement As with his other traveling books Bill Bryson hip hops his way across a country visiting monuments and interviewing natives We meet uirky characters and Australian wildlife galore from the poisonous snakes to the brutal kookaburra Incidentally did you know that the kookaburra likes to bash its prey until their bones have been pulverized Apparently its The Ivory Prison easier to digest that waylovelyHe also has uite a lot to say about Australians They spend half of any conversation insisting that the country s dangers are vastly overrated and that there s nothing to worry about and the other half telling you how six months ago their Uncle Bob was driving to Mudgee when a tiger snake slid out from under the dashboard and bit him on the groin but that it s okay now because he s off the life support machine and they ve discovered he can communicate withye blinks To be fair Bil. Two men sitting in a rowboat on a large placid lake on a day when the fish aren't biting; it's like having a nap without losing consciousness It actually helps not to know uite what's going on In such a rarefied world of contentment and inactivity comprehension would become a distraction You see Bryson observes Australia is an interesting place It truly is And that really is all I'm saying Of course Bryson who is as much a travel writer here as a humorist naturalist and historian says much and does so with generous amounts of wit and hilarity Australia may be mostly mpty and a long way away but it's a little closer now Rob McDonal. Down Under

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