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REVIEW OF THE AUTHOR'S BOOK JOHN HUGHES AND EIGHTIES CINEMA ON If like me you were fortunate enough to live through and grow up uring the 80's and early 90's you'll remember just how rich comedy was back then This book on it's own puts most comedies of the modern era to shame as it is a homage to one of the most talented minds in the game I am of course speaking of none other than the late great John Hughes This is a great book for Getting Into The Details into the etails how a master of his art came about and

"Created Such Cinematic Gems Hughes "
such cinematic gems Hughes be sorely missed which is why books like this keep his spirit and work aliveI'd say this book is for people who are nostalgic 20 somethings or cinema buffs but all round a good book for just about anyone who would like to know what made one of the funniest minds of Hollywood ti. Ferris Buellers Day OffFERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF POCKET MOVIE GUIDE One of John
"Hughes's Most Charmingly Offbeat Films "
most charmingly offbeat films Bueller's Day Off is GUIDE One of John Hughes's most charmingly offbeat films Ferris Bueller's Day Off is among the most overtly humorous of his canon of teen movies It is also one of his best remembered its profile challenged only by the acclaimed The Breakfast Club which was released the year beforehand Contrasting perfectly with the serious issue based tone of Pretty in Pink which immediately preceded it in the same year Hughes's wittily incisive ialogue was never as razor sharp as when elivered by the smart mouthed high school slacker Ferris BuellerToday Hughes is just as well known for the scripts he created for hugely popular family films throughout the 1990s including Chris Columbus's blockbuster Home Alone 1990 Brian Levant's Beethoven 1992 and Nick Castle's Dennis the Menac. ,

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E 1993 written under his pen name of Edmond Dantes But Even These Dantes But even these couldn't compare to the artistic iversity of his output throughout the eighties Although it is easy to remember Hughes for his meteorically successful teen movies right the way through the including The Breakfast Club 1985 and Ferris Bueller's Day 1986 he was every bit as adroit in his handling of suburban satires such as Mr Mom 1983 and Uncle Buck 1989 his wry observations of the great American holiday in National Lampoon's Vacation 1983 and The Great Outdoors 1988 the trials of an exasperated everyman commuter in Planes Trains and Automobiles 1987 and the expectation of anxious new parents in She's Having a Baby 1988 throughout the course of hughes's career there has the course of Hughes's career there has been a lack of variety in his choice of subject matter. .