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Ocean S Gift hMy socksave been rocked I ran out of stock around midnight and dropped by a place got some Chinese I The Hidden hopede meant takeoutMu shu pork Blissfully Undone he told me indignantly Ield off from immediately jumping into the Dorina Basarb series a spin off of the Cassie Palmer novels by Karen Chance for a couple of reasons1I All For Anna have some uirks with the Cassie Palmer books that I feared could spill over into this seriesand2I wasn t sure if I wanted to invest in a series with such a long wait between novels In my perfect world I d get two books per year when it comes to my fave series not one every TWO yearsSo it took uite a while to get around to this but I am so glad I finally didThis spin off series centers around Dorina Basarab a dhampir vampirehumanybrid assassin Not uite enough of either species Dorina s kind is rare and doesn t fit anywhere in either society It doesn t Burning Ice help that she is subject to rages that causeer to black out and endanger not only those around Dead Size her buterself as wellIt turns out she is the daughter of the great and powerful Mircea Basarab and Unexpected Legacy he needser skills to Os Anjos De Gabriel help captureer uncle and All God S Children his brother Dracula whoas escaped from prison Crazy and dangerous this is a tall order so Mircea also adds another master vampire to the mix Louis Cesare The goal is for Dorina and Louis Cesare to work together but we all know the results when you try to mix oil and vinegarThis book was a lot of fun This series The Romance Readers Book Club has beaten the odds andas become an instant favorite regardless of the lag time It s missing my biggest annoyances with the Cassie books an irritating love triangle and Cassie Fish herself I m not just a fan sorry Dorina is much likeableeroine for me I laughed I cried okay not really I UOTEDChance really knows The Silken Cord how to write compelling and downright delicious male characters Louis Cesareas shot up on my list of book crushes He s an amazing fighter and the chemistry with Dorina is crazy good It doesn t feel like your run of the mill relationship like with so many other novels It s dynamic it s got room to evolve Scorpion Soup he isn t invisible and Dorina actually can take care oferself uite well It feels really natural or about as natural as you can expect for supernaturalsAnother pleasant surprise was Mircea After reading the Cassie books we re only used to Mircea the lover and powerful Senate member In these books we get to see Mircea the father While we see the Senate member too I really appreciate this perspective of His Scottish Pet Dom Of The Ages him because it adds depth to the character for me I likeim and because we see of Me Timothy Cooper his vulnerabilityere as opposed to the Cassie books When it comes to Dorina you can tell that Metamorfose Beira Do Cu he doesn tave all of the answers even when Autumn Leaves he tries to save face It s a subtle chink inis armor and I love itThis is about as great of a start as one could ope for I finished this book and couldn t wait to dive in to the next one I think it s needless to say that I ighly recommend this oneReview also posted in to the next one I think it s needless to say that I ighly recommend this oneReview also posted Fresh blood at midnight isn t red It s a purplish black that easily blends *into the shadows Karen

"Chance Is My All Time "
is my all time favorite guilty pleasure Her stories are sinfully over the *the shadows Karen Chance is my all time most favorite guilty pleasure Her stories are sinfully over the I live for it Dorina Basabarb is a Dhampir which comes with black out rages family issues and never feeling like she belongs After endless years of existence she as found a way to survive Focus Chasing Sam her fits on those preternatural beings that deserve death and protect a magic null and Dory s best friend Claire If there is one thing you should know about a Karen Chance novel it is that the plot interlocks at least five different revolving forces at a time creating a larger than life fast pace survivalist adventure staring a bad ass antiero Claire is missing and Dorina is going crazy trying to Ravens hunter down Dory s father comes back into Age Of Eve Return Of The Nephilim her life to recruiter for a job The job is to contain their deranged Uncle Dracula yes that Dracula The payment for the job is simple she will C Is For Cure have the full force of the Vampire Senateunting for Claire Sinfully beautiful men Check Gory fight scenes Check Snark and banter and sass Um double check Characters which Summer Ruins have real trauma PTSD and emotional conflict from years of existence Check and Check The story could do with some editing because Karen Chance is lavish asell It s sinfully decadent More like a 35 star rating I m giving this 4 stars only because we can t give Death By Haggis half a star ratings and 3 is too low There is something about this and the Cassie Palmer series that just wears me out I think it s too fast paced and too busy for me Maybe if I were a slower reader and gave it time to sink in but instead it just kind of wears on me I love love love this book This is a great story for people who love urban fantasy It s action packed fast paced and the plot is well thought out Plus itas a lot of wit and sarcasm which makes it a typical Karen Chance book She The Legionnaire S Prize has the wonderful ability of getting you soaked up in a fantasy world with a variety of creatures and serious problems but still she keeps a funny edge never takingerself too seriously The inclusion of characters like Olga Mecklenburger Winter hilarious Radu you can telp but love the guy and Stinky no comment needed make sure of that too I also loved the tension between Louis Cesare and Dory It is present throughout the whole book and ranging from Tdx2 Too Dull To Die hate to attraction but it doens t take over the story line I can t wait to see where Karen Chance. This paranormal series opener by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Karen Chance pits dhampir Dorina Basarab against the most infamous vampire ever DraculaDorina Basarab is a dhampiralf Born Of Water humanalf vampire Subject to uncontrollable rages most dhampirs live very short very violent live.

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Midnight's DaughterTion The only words I would really use to describe it are fun and fast paced The reason the book really shined though were the characters The story is centered around Dorina our resident dhampir alf Broken Trust humanhalf vampire with a whole slew of issues Dhampirs in this world are a mostlyated and given their rarity Dorina is uite the outcast I ve found that I really love stories where our main character feels like an outsider because it creates a nice internal struggle that goes along nicely with the external ones But that isn t to say that she spent the whole book wallowing in self pity In fact she did the exact opposite She takes no bullshit from anyone and Redgates Secrets her i give no fucks attitude was so fun to read about She was physically and mentally able which was a nice to surprise given that a lot of authors tend to forget about the mental strength Her dedication toer best friend Claire was so great because I love seeing strong friendships in books Her character was one of the best parts of this story and I definitely did not mind being stuck in The Lonely hereadLouis Cesare on the other Seeker Companion Book hand mightave seemed like an ass in the beginning of the book but The Global War On Christians Dispatches From The Front Lines Of Anti Christian Persecution his development was amazing His prejudice against dhampirs was understandable and I like thate wasn t immeadiatly sold on Dorina because it allowed for a organic and natural progression of their relationship Speaking of their relationship I My Hope Is Found had no complaints whatsoever It was a slow progression with Dory and Louis Cesare firstating and mistrusting eachother which made for some amazing banter between the two of them It developed into a grudging trust and finally left of a note of will they or won t they Their constant arguaments and stubborn personalities created the perfect amount of chemistry and I couldn t be The Seer And The Lycan happier They are definitely on my OTP listAnother relationship that I loved was the one between Dory ander estranged father Mircea I loved the layers of complexity that were found there and I really The Sperm Meets Egg Plan Getting Pregnant Faster hope that the author decides to delve even deeper into this subject Mircea was such a complex character and not withoutis faults but Chance still managed to make Fractured Spirits Hauntings At The Peoria State Hospital him one of my favorite characters I m excited to seeow Dory s and Mircea s realtionship will develop in future books There s a mine of opportunity there and I Justified Means hope that Chance will take advantage of itAnotheronorable mention should also go out to Radu the weird but lovable uncle whose antics really served to lighten the mood The only complaint that I She S No Angel have for this book is the fact that sometimes the action scenes seemed a bit overfilled in such a way that I found itard to follow what was going on at times Now this might just Tin Cat have been me and my abilities of concentration or lack thereof but I found that I wouldave to reread certain parts in order to completely understand what Black Diamond hadappened Also please whenever a character Hide In Time has the same name as another popular character cough Dory from Finding Nemo cough try not to use it It got distracting at one point because everytime the name Dory was mentioned I would picture this Again this might justave annoyed me so this wasn t #such a big deal To end on a positive note I also would like to point out the umour #a big deal To end on a positive note I also would like to point out the umour this book I love when authors sneak in bits of The Calico Heart humour in an otherwise dire situation I m not dead I tolder as distinctly as possible with the inside of my throat coated in dirt Water she gasped You need waterI needed a two month vacation on a beach but water would do Radu Fender Bender Blues held up aand I am sure there is a perfectly good reason why my niece is naked and tied to Unfinished Business her bed I am also eually certain that I do not wish toear itAll in all this was a fantastic start to a new UF series and I can t wait to dive into the other books WOW DAMN A NEW FAVORITE URBAN FANTASY SERIES RTC Very very The Brothers John Foster Dulles Allen Dulles Their Secret World War hard to review this book I gobbled up Karen Chance s Cassie Palmer series and am anxiously awaiting book four to be released in April 2009 So I jumped on Midnight s Daughter which is an offshoot of that series Technically this is a standalone novel But IMHO you really should read about Cassie and that world before taking on Dorina It provides a deeper insight intoer world and events that ave shaped the actions and intentions of some characters in er bookDorina is a dhampir Shaping Illumination halfuman Road Kill Art And Other Oddities half vamp andas fits of uncontrollable rages like all dhampir She s unusual in that she The Origins Of Intelligence In Children has managed to stay alive for over 500 years by channelinger rages into killing non Rewrite Redemption human creatures When Daddy dearest shows up Dorina knows it s not good news When Daddy dearest askser to go after Uncle Drac yes that Dracula she s sure Open Door Invitation he s only sendinger on this suicide mission to finally be rid of A Pony For The Fair The Gypsy Pony A Novel her once and for all Especially seeing the vampe intends to be Nobody S Perfect her partnerLouis Cesare It doesn t take long for both Dorina and Louis Cesare to butteads and become the targets of just about every other supernatural faction out thereVery complex Very intense Very dark I sucked this down like a vamp with O negative This is really *A DARK URBAN FANTASY WITH HEAVY EMOTIONAL AND RELATIONSHIP *dark urban fantasy with Wedding Cake And Big Mistakes heavy emotional and relationship Just about every character in this book could use the services of a good shrink I m thinking Lynda Hilburn s Vampire Shrink and you can forget about trying to predict what willappen next I loved it I want another Dorina book soon so I can see where she and maybe Louis too are Dracian Origins headed. Her father wants Dory to work with gorgeous master vampire Louis Cesare to putim back thereVampires and dhampirs are mortal enemies and Dory prefers to work alone But Dracula is the only thing on earth that truly scares Winter S Tale her so when Doryas to go up against I M In Love With A Stripper him she'll take all theelp she can get. Plans to take their relationship I read Midnight s Daughter before the Cassie Palmer series so I ve always loved Mircea cause Sapphire Universe he is fleshed out in this book However manipulativee Braydon has a strange affection foris family members and refuses to be pushed away by Dory I ve read and reread this book with much pleasure and I can t wait for the next installment Death s Mistress out January 2010 What an excellent first introduction to a UF series Whatever control I may Brendon have acuired through long centuries of practice I m still a monster And like the one who sired me I ll always love death and destruction a little bit than anything or anyone else UFeroines are usually some of my favorite female characters ever written And Dorina Basarab The Desert Sheikh has definitely been added to this list Dorina is a dhampiralf vampire and The Wishing Well halfuman Because of what she is she s been an outcast all The Adventures Of Jimbo The Homeless Cat her life as vampiresate dhampirs and Reaching The Edge humans fearer kind Most dhampirs don t Im Pyjama Um Halb 4 have long life spans mostly because of their uncontrollable fits of rages but Dorinaas managed to build a life for A Timeless Romance Anthology Summer Wedding Collection herself usinger skills and Night Of The Wolf her anger to kill vampires and demons who need killing I loved Dorina She s got a ton of attitude she s snarky and kick ass She s also the bastard daughter of Mircea who is a very powerful vampire which also makeser the niece of Dracula aka Vlad Dorina and Mircea The Cain Chronicles Episodes 1 4 has uite a stormy relationshipe s definitely not the best father and Dorina kind of Belialian Woman The Complete Collection hatesim When Dorina s best friend and roommate Claire goes missing and she s unable to find any clues about who Highland Fling had takener she gets a little desperate Which is why when Mircea asks King her forer Quack Policy help in finding Dracula whoas escaped from Hollow Eyes his prison and promises toelp Kaleidoscope her find Claire she s unable to refuse But she s definitely notappy with the partner Three Of Spades her father insist she works with an arrogant and condescending vampire Louis Cesare Howeveraving fought against Uncle Dracula before she knows she needs all the The Tenant A Love Story help she s going to get Everything about you is provokinge breathed Your voice saying outrageous things your body striding up and down giving me orders and your taste Sparks flew between Dorina and Louis Cesare and I loved their banter and Serial Games how both tried to be the one in charge of their mission At first I didn t like Louis Cesare because of the waye looked down on Dorina but after finding out about Snow Angels hisorrible past I understood The Somnibus The Complete Edition him better It alsoelped that Angel On The Ropes he changed towards Dorina thee got to know Magic Triumphs her ander eually painful past I loved the intense attraction between them and I really The Tortoise The Hare hope there will be a romance for them in this series The author created a wonderful and very interesting world with the fey mages demons vampires trolls and nulls Claire is a null which is a witch or wizard who can t do magic but they can block out magical energy I also really enjoyed the relationships between Dorina ander father which is *Definitely Very Strained But *very strained but Cold Blooded how the book ended Iope that things can change between them The plot was also fast paced and full of action which I enjoyed very much I The Wishing Garden have not reader other series Cassie Palmer which I believe somehow ties in with this one but I never felt lost while reading this book This was a fantastic first installment and I loved it I cannot wait to read the next book Highly recommended to all UF fans This is one of the best urban fantasy series and one of my most favorites I love Dorina and Louis Cesare I always Dissonance have a blast revisiting this world Iighly recommend this book for urban fantasy lovers who love kick ass chicks sexy and dangerous vampires a touch of romance and action packed from beginning to end Karen Chance is one of the most talented writers of urban fantasy right up there with Ilona Andrews and Jim Butcher Obviously I love this bookseries DAwesome uotes My lordI can explain Louis Cesare began looking less than certain that Your Meaning he could do anything of the kindRadueld up a Finding My Faith hand I am sure there is a perfectly good reason why my niece is naked and tied toer bed I am also eually certain that I do not wish to The Underground Witch hear it Louis Cesare s anger suddenly filled the small room like water and in aeartbeat Whimsey his eyes went from silver tinged to as solid as two antiue coinsI sat frozen awash in a sea of power I was beginning to understand why Mirceaad wanted Sex Violence him along only Daddyad failed to mention anything about the Ghosts Of The Great Ocean Road Australia hair trigger temper I guesse assumed the red air would clue me in Louis Cesare slowly pulled imself into a alf standing position against the side of the winery What Did himself into a alf standing position against the side of the winery What Did think one little mage was going to do me in He swallowed Unbroken hard Hell that was just a warm up This bookas led me to a very important decision I m going to learn to speak Romanian It may take me a while but I m incredibly stubborn and if I start now I can be fluent in a couple of years view spoilerMy conscience informs me that I Bayshore Noir A Frank Geddy Detective Short have to finish my research AND write my thesis first Damnide spoiler I am sure there is a perfectly good reason why my niece is naked and tied to Draylon God Killer her bed I am also eually certain that I do not wish toear itI ve been reading the Cassie Palmer series for years but never How It Rolls had an urge to pick this side series up I ve finally succumbed to temptation probably because Iad it on my sh I can always rely on a good urban fantasy to make me excited to read again This book was no excep. S So far Dory Witches And Bandits And Swords Oh My has managed to maintainer sanity by unleashing Irresistible Desire her anger on those demons and vampires who deserve killingNow Dory's vampire fatheras come back into Lilith her life Her uncle Dracula yes the Dracula infamous even among vampires foris cruelty and murderous ways Kingdom Come has escapedis prison And. ,
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