No Such Thing as Dragons (E–pub)

Lly or kids It s about a Boy Realizing That The Terrifying Creature He realizing that the terrifying creature he afraid of is really just an animal I think there s a line toward the end nod the devil s animal but just an animal I loved the way it dealt with that with the OLD FASHIONED CHRISTIAN KNIGHT GOING TO FIGHT AN EVIL fashioned Christian knight going to ight an evil narrative without making the dragon really any less or being an animal It s still magnificent and strange All the emotions were surprisingly realistic the boy calling himself selfish because he saved someone to avoid having to live with running away rather than because it s a noble or heroic or right thing to do All the eelings he has were slightly unexpected or me not just what you d expect but rang very true I m not sure how I eel about the situational mutism plot I think that s a bit overdone but it does do some work in the story not really or Ansel s character arc but to allow him deeper observations and limit his ability to affect others keeping the story airly short It s a good length or younger readers not any longer than it needs to be but eels really complete as a stor. About to discover the horrifying truth A heart pounding new antasy with a brilliant twist rom Philip Reeve one of the world's greatest writersHis imagination is electrifying Frank Cottrell Boyce author of Millions and Cosm. N search of these dread wyrms vanuishing them in exchange or a meal a bed and a bag of gold The perfect scam Because of course there s no such thing as dragons Con artists and old customs Missing sheep and mountain passes Dragons and the ear of dragons This is a ast paced tense adventure that s the bookish euivalent of a monster movie Heart stopping confrontations cinematic scenes disaster upon disaster and a whole lot of messy bloodshed I uite enjoyed it Enjoyed this tale and was reminded multiple times of the movie Dragonheart In some ways the story was predictable with ew surprises but highly vivid and enjoyable all the same Another great story rom the brilliant pen of Philip Reeve This tale of Ansel mute suire to the dragon hunter Brock is an interesting and engaging counterpoint to Reeve s Here Lies Arthur both that and this deal with the power of myth and myth making Being and this deal with the power of myth and myth making Being Reeve book it s ull of emotional depth well drawn characters and thrilling action written in admirably evocative prose I spott This is a special entry in the dragon genre I think especia. Lever trickster in shining armor Ansel is sure there are no such things as dragons So what is the man eating creature that in the crags of Dragon Mountain As he and Brock So what is the man eating creature that lives the crags of Dragon Mountain As he and Brock the perilous ice ace to its lair Ansel is. Reeve is well known or his steampunk Mortal Engines series or teens but here creates an adventure antasy or younger readers Ansel a nine year old mute boy is sent by his ather to be a servant to Brock a man who travels rom village to village earning his living by slaying dragons At least that s what Brock tells others Of course he doesn t really believe that there are really any dragons He carries a crocodile skull and plenty of armor or show Brock believe that there are really any dragons He carries a crocodile skull and plenty of armor or show Brock many great stories and the superstitious mountain villagers and local lords promise to reward Brock or slaying their dragon and alleviating their ears And yet when Brock and Ansel go up high on the mountain they meet a young girl Else who was
by the villagers as a to the dragon Somehow Else has survived and she warns them that the dr Ansel s tavern keeper ather trades his son or a bag of gold to Brock a traveler in need of a servant He deems Ansel suitable because he s mute and cannot tell tales about his new master It soon becomes clear that Brock is a dragon slayer He travels the countryside New in paperback an unforgettable dragon story rom Philip ReeveAnsel's new master slays dragons or a living He says he's hunted the monstrous worms all over Christendom and he has the scars to prove it But is Brock just a No Such Thing as Dragons

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