PDF/EBOOK [Isle Royale] BY John Hamilton

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Isle Royale

 Ten Kisses For Sophie
A good young adult adventure Takes place in the arly 1900s on you guessed it Isle Royale an island in Lake Superior It involves smugglers lighthouse keepers and ghostly lights in the distance O This Superior It involves smugglers lighthouse keepers and ghostly lights in the distance O This has a great premise an interesting setting in both time and place and was full of adventure but for all that at times it lagged a bit maybe because too many scenes involved the characters being chased through the woods The author does a great job at bringing the inhospitable Rediscovering God With Transcendental Argument environment of Isle Royale and Lake Superior to life so that at times the island and The Lady were almost like another character in the story He also gives readers a well developed villain Jean LeBeck who s much than a cardboard cutout Unfortunately he surrounds LeBeck with an interchangeable cast of thugs I lost count of how many times the word thug was used but it uickly became repetitive and a bit annoying The crew of the Chippewa left me scratching my head a bit I don t know if their secret was badnough for an Gold All That Glitters 2 entire crew toxile themselves for decades on the island and I kept waiting for an xplanation as to how a band of white bearded old men was able to scramble up the ship s rigging like monkeys or to ngage in hand to hand combat with an assortment of younger and tougher thugs yep here comes thugs and have a chance at winning I also started to wonder how long people could Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo 7 endure being soaked to the skin with rain or after falling into the waters of Lake Superior and not develop any sort of hypothermia running around in a storm during a cold November night A few other minor inconsistencies struck me as well such as the cannon fire that blew a hole in the thugs still thugs here motor boat which they then drove away and the same cannon reducing a larger boat to kindling a few chapters later I didn t realize that this was a young adult novel until I got to thend didn t classify it as YA when I downloaded it to my Kindle but I suspected it was geared to a younger audience part of the way through The violence is never gratuitous or
the top and there isn any foul language or sexual. PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONShipwrecks gangsters and the mother of all storms Living in a lighthouse can be murderSYNOPSISThe year is 1924 The place Isle Royale a remote island on Lake Superior Clarence MacDougal keeper of Wolf Point Lighthouse stands ready to guide sailors through treacherous watersOne storm tossed night French Canadian smugglers arrive The gang’s leader is Sean LeBeck a former lover of Collene MacDougal the lightkeeper’s wife LeBeck is determined to rescue Collene from her dreary life and rekindle their old passion A Nightmares Prayer even if it means taking her off the island by forceThe lightkeeper’s son Ianscapes during the storm on.

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Set in the delightfully unusual setting of Lake Superior s Isle Royale Hamilton s love for the locale comes shining through Lake Superior at times seems one of the characters in the drama A carefully researched Great War flashback is almost a novella within a novel while providing crucial motivation for the story Although Isle Royale is a historical thriller it could also be considered actionadventure and would be an appropriate book for teens as well as adults Ian the protagonist is a teenage boy stuck on Isle Royale with no one his own age The Prana Program Effective Amp Enjoyable Evolution except Sally the daughter of the assistant lighthouse keeper Between school work and helping his dad Ian is bored He doesn t relate well to his father who seems too serious Ian will sometimes sneak away for fun andxploration both alone and with Sally but not nearly as often as he d like A conflict with someone from his parent s past forces Ian to mature uickly Before the story reaches its resolution Ian understands his father s motivations and receives a lesson in responsibility He also xperiences the adventure of a lifetime Isle Royale was a fun read with an unexpected supernatural twistOriginally written for Books and Pals This Was A Really This was a really adventure story I m familiar with John Hamilton s work I know he s a history buff and that John Hamilton s work and I know he s a history buff and that work is always well researched This one was no xception in that regardSo we have an adventure story set on Lake Superior in the 1920s I love the setting and the time period and I like lighthouses as well and one plays a central part in this storyline There s also smugglers and a backstory that goes back to World War One There s a flashback in the story to WWI that makes me think Hamilton should write a novel about WWI Just very gripping stuffThere s mystery action adventure history stormy seas salty sailors and Flaquezas Y Desenga Os even some romance It s also a very original story as I don t think I ve read anything uite like this before It s listed as young adult but really isntertaining for readers of all ages If you like adventure stories Lil Bertha especially historical adventures this one is well worth your tim. La within a novel while providing crucial motivation for the storyABOUT THE AUTHORJohn Hamilton is a bestselling author and journalist His work includes books about fantasy folklore science fiction the national parks and pirates Lewis Clark Adventures West Sparrow Media Group was a finalist at the 17th Annual Minnesota Book Awards in 2005 He is a two time Golden Duck Award winner forxcellence in children’s science fiction literature John can be found most summers hiking along Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior He is also an award winning photojournalist and nature photographer Connect with John online at wwwjohnchamiltonc. References which can be a welcome change ven for adult readers It was a very interesting read You definitely have to have an imagination but the storyline was good the pace of the story was good as well have an imagination but the storyline was good the pace of the story was good as well will Very good read Lots of action to keep your interest 3 12 Stars I really njoyed reading about some real landmarks in this fictional story My family and I are taking our boat to Isle Royale this summer to xplore and plan on staying at campsites near where the author put parts of the novel I have a few good ghost stories to tell around the fire now Right off the bat this book gets high marks for having better than average diting for a kindle book Many kindle books suffer from terrible Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego editing but I only ran into one noticeablerror view spoiler When the old sailor dies the line says something about him closing his My Home My Path eyes and never re opening them and then on what was the next kindle page Ben was reaching over and closing the guy syes So not huge by any means hide spoiler I loved this book I am particularly fond of books with Great Lakes backgrounds so this was an Tonari No extra treat Isle Royale is an island in Lake Superior and the book is just full of wonderful information on the dangers and beauties there Set in the 1920s Ian is the son of Clarence and Collene the island s lightkeeper and his wife He is a typical teenager bored restless yet filled with life andnthusiasm Farthest North especially for rock climbing jazz and Sally the assistant lightkeeper s daughterOne night a stranger arrives at the lighthouse and the adventure begins Jean LeBeck was once a great friend of both of Ian s parents and was once in love with Collene but nowmbittered by his xperiences in World War I he has turned to rum runningThe book is a fun fast read full of phantoms mysteries old pirates and young adventure with a delicious feel for life on a Great Lake island and the life of lightkeepers As I was reading the book it reminded me of my youth and some of the wonderful Disney type adventure stories Suitable for Young Adults but lots of fun for grown ups too A rip Roaring Historical Adventure. historical adventure. to stumble upon a hidden cove home of the last remaining members of the Coast Guard cutter Chippewa A dark secret forced the crew to banish themselves on the island Given one last chance at redemption the ancient mariners set out on stormy Lake Superior in a desperate attempt to save the dayIsle Royale is approximately 72000 words READER REVIEW 5 STARSA rip roaring historical adventure set in the delightfully unusual setting of Lake Superior's Isle Royale Hamilton's love for the locale comes shining through; Lake Superior at times seems one of the characters in the drama A carefully researched Great War flashback is almost a novel.