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Lar suspicions about your own enjoyment they will probably be right I o Suggest The Library Though This the library though This a pretty fast read nothing too Leopard The Story Of My Horse deep or life changing nothing that you need to keep forever and ever on your shelvesItid make me think though What would I come up with if someone asked me to write an essay or story about my first punk show I on t know that I could I might be able to write something about my first show back after years of no shows at all but that show was not a punk show It was followed by an affair with CanRock still ongoing although these ays it s my bit on the side and then a first punk show after the first non punk show after no shows after many shows after the first show That first punk show maybe I could write aboutBut my first punk show ever I have no idea And I Sunshine Whiskey don t know what that means Does it mean that it sucked That itidn t change my life the way it was meant to Was I Doing Punk Rock Wrong Or just that it was so long ago that I ve lost itG What s the first thing you rememberR The first thing that comes into my head you meanG No the first thing you rememberR No it s no good It s gone It was a long time agoI started going to shows in 1990 It was not a great time for punk rock So maybe there wasn t a first punk show Maybe it was Pearl Jam I see a lot of kids these Good Morning Mr Mandela A Memoir days in Nirvana shirts at punk shows Last week a kid had on his back The Exploited back patch GG Allin regular patch Nirvana sharpie So maybe early Pearl Jam countsIt wasefinitely not Marilyn Manson I went to a hockey game last week and they played the opening of Beautiful People as the Blackhawks skated onto the ice espite the absence of Patrick Sharp from the lineup rimshot and I was appalled on several levels It wasn t Nine Inch Nails either although let me tell you about early 90s pits at industrial shows as a small teenage girl That thing you re imagining right now The face you made You re not wrongWas it Social Distortion Could be That would make sense It might at least explain my eep affection for Mike Ness which is otherwise unfathomableOr was it some local Flint band a few kids my age who played four gigs ever at the Local their names and songs since lost Or one of the guys I Reparation In Blood dated in high school he had a band Maybe it was them I would not have called them punk rock at the time and I wouldn to it now but maybe it was themG You on t get my meaning What s the first thing you remember after all the things you ve forgottenR Oh I see I ve forgotten the uestionMore of a blog post than a book review i suppose originally posted over here review I suppose originally posted over here from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead well maybe im biasbut i think its the best book ever. Has permanently altered youth culture Today's art politics and aesthetics wouldn't be the same without the hundreds of thousands of young people who have embraced punk over the last 30 odd years What oes each of these recruits have in common They all remember their first time Hear what it was like straight from the fanaticsWhether it was Jawbreaker in Berkeley; Sick of it All in DC; The Dead Kennedys in Berkeley; The Dickies at CBGB's; Gang Green in Boston; the Ramones in Milwaukee; The Circle Jerks in the West Village or Balti; Neurosis at Gilman Street; The Decline of Western Civilization in Venice; Fugazi in Chapel Hill; 7 Seconds in Sparks NV; or their goofy friends at a party these fans recount the inspiration the embarrassment and the redemption of their first timeContributors include George Hurchalla Harrison Haynes Jack Rabid Rob Fish Joe ueer Shawna Kenney Chris Rest Al uint Ben Size Boff Whalley Shannon Stewart Pete Slovenly Paul Curran Darren Walters Scott Kelly Jillian Lauren Scott Bourne and many many Chris Duncan is an Oakland based artist father and aging punk He remembers his first ti.

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My First Time: A Collection of First Punk Show StoriesMy friend Becky gave this to me It s interesting stuff I guess this was going to be a zine but ended up being a bit than that with a bunch of stories from lots of Journey Towards A Falling Sun different people It s making me nostalgic At first I wasn t convinced but the of these short essays I read the I like itGo on AK Press Keeep it upAdditionalLike a good zine this is wellone but also a pretty uick read There is a good mix of People Represented Here Over represented here over large span of time Good stuff meh i picked this up at Socialism 2009 i was on a budget and this was a That Summer Night different kind of title for our book fair one problem here is that some of these stories are well written and some of them are just boring but my real gripe is that they re all kind of the same with a few exceptions same bands same time frame same age and i think the real uestion iswhat is so special about this first time is there a unifying experience or lessons learned why would i want to read about a stranger s first punkrock show at all iid enjoy the stories by Blake Schwarzenbach and Scott Bourne #Bourne you sexy beast who knew that you were a writer call me the redundancy #you sexy beast who knew that you were a writer call me the redundancy some of these stories is also the point the focus on what to wear to your first show which band names to raw on your jacketshoesbag whether to mosh how to get your parents to let you out which band names to raw on your jacketshoesbag whether to mosh how to get your parents to let you out the house straight edge or not it s all a great way to underscore that the Otherworlds The Lost differentetails of which band and where are all in a way subservient to the overall PUNKness of the experience among the trends i Exploring Turkish Landscapes Crossing Inner Boundaries d forgotten to credit punk with theissolution of the fourth wall you like it talk to us make a zine about it pick up your own guitar jump on stage catch me as i jump into the crowdstill finishing up the last few of these very few chicks in this lot of course though a great essay by michelle valencia and a surprising number of cameos starring In The Presence Of Evil dudes later revealed as gay best friends Pete was nice enough to pick this up for me at Ameoba Records while I attended the conference that brought us to San Fran This was supposed be a zine but wound up in book format It allowed me to reminisce about being a kid in NY in the late 80 s and all the trips we make t I really wanted this book to be better than it was But in the end it was kind of boring All the stories in here are short like 2 or 3 pages and all say exactly the same thing I went to a show it changed my life I m punk forever It is nice to read a book full of stories about how once you are a punk kid there is no turning back and how you ll always feel slightly apart from those that haven t had this experience but I think this book had way potential than was used I actually Freak Show Without A Tent Swimming With Piranhas Getting Stoned In Fiji And Other Family Vacations didn t finished Everyone remembers their first punk showBlake Schwarzenbach Jawbreaker Jets to BrazilI wanted to live with Exene and have her read the Bible to me but I wanted to sleep in Chavo's closet at the Black Flag church under an American flag with cigarette burns in it Lee Ving would be my uncle who would teach me about horse racing and would let merink one beer while we worked on his carMichelle Tea Valencia Rose of No Man's LandThe show at the Channel was full of boys And none of them were wearing makeup I thought the whole point of punk was to have a boyfriend who wore as much makeup as I The Art Of Stillness Adventures In Going Nowhere did We could kiss and it wouldn't be a bigeal because our makeup would already be smearedMichael Azerrad Our Band Could Be Your LifeIn the middle of the set John Belushi from an obscure late night sketch comedy show on NBC came up and played Bargains With Gods drums on 'Sonic Reducer'Blag Dahlia The DwarvesI started talking to a girl I met outside the liuor store She had a haircut that looked like a comma balanced on her head and arunken scowl on her face When her older boyfriend came out of the liuor store he told me to fuck off with. Eading it because it was so repetitive But i id get some nice nostalgic memories out Of It And It Was it and it was to think that when I was 15 and first going to shows and feeling both in awe and totally sacred that so were many other kids across the world oing the same It s also nice to know that even though all Of Us 15 Year Olds Have Grown us 15 year olds have grown that first punk show and most to follow are still in us It should come as no surprise that the writing style varies in this collection of first punk show going experiences But like some of the clumsy bands that graced those stages this book actually benefits from the warts and all aesthetic that its centered around I ll be Voices From The Net damned if these anecdotesidn t make me all teary eyed for my first real punk show which if my memory serves me correctly was The Bouncing SoulsBlanks 77John Cougar Concentration Camp at the Stone Pony I still wrestling near the t shirt stand JCCC getting boo ed off the stage and a whole lot of finger pointing And while I remember having a good time this book conjured up something that is much meaningful than whatever band it is that played I became struck by a sense of nostalgia for a time in my life that I as well as the authors will never get back though many of us still try and replicate it with varying egrees of success Easy read Most stories were basically the same but the following really stood out Daren Walters Steven Sciscenti and Craigums Makes me nostalgic for my first show I o wish that you had been able to include show memories from people like me who were involved in Punk in the South Knoxville had a thriving underground music scene as id places like Athens GA Lexington KY Richmond VA and Columbia SC among others and the big bands came through and played shows in Dixie Other than that great book I will admit it guys There is not a lot I love in the world than stories about How Punk Rock Saved My Life and this book has many such stories Most of them are pretty short only a page or two and they re mostly by people who Do Stuff in punk They re in bands Blag Dalia John Poddy Blake Schwarzenbach or they write books Michael Azerrad Chris Walter George Hurchella something like that but some of my favorite ones are by regular joesFor example I love the one by Anna Kanaan who was 43 when she went to her first punk show She was there because her kid was playing the show and she got suckered into oing security She was a little freaked out by the prospect but learned that surprise surprise punk rockers are people too They were nice to her and now she smiles at them on the street and says hi It s pretty adorableI suspected I would enjoy this book and I was right If you have simi. A mouth that smelled like old carpeting moldering in a The Princes And The Treasure dumpsterRuss Rankin Good RiddanceAs we were filing out of the club I remember Rikk Agnew standing by theoor shaking everybody's hands and when he shook mine I was struck with how awesome punk rock was and how there really idn't have to be any rock stars or separation between the bands and the audienceYouthful idealism is beautiful No matter how silly or misguided they may end up being the urgency and power that a group of humans With The Same Beliefs And the same beliefs and can harness is intoxicating and infectious I think that's what oes it; that's what makes people invest their lives and take ownership of a scene sub culture or identity even though they mature and inevitably change It's about the ability to participate and build rather than just plainly observe and accept without uestion; it's about being in a place so intimate that just showing up makes you an integral part of the whole knowing that without you it couldn't be the same knowing you are connected This book captures the very beginning of that process from the IntroductionThe punk movement. ,